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卡在加载界面进不去的安卓宝子们可以试试先挂梯然后在ourplay里打开游戏!我就是这样进去的www 这边也放个梯链接
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09-23 23:08 可以试下这个(本人在用)
09-18 09:16 晒了1张卡
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这里来当个好心人教教大家怎么下载好然后登录进去! 1 首先点击下载按键 这个很简单不用教叭!然后没有下载Google play(谷歌旗下的一个程序)的宝贝们会弹出来叫你下载,有谷歌账号的宝贝们可以根据弹出来的链接直接下载,当然了没有谷歌账号的也可以根据这个链接下载但是就是会在网页上让你注册一个账号(根据我的经验大陆手机号在网页上挺难去注册谷歌账号的 所以可以先不下载Google play 2 下载好后的宝贝们会遇到进不去 黑屏 卡进度的情况 这都是我们的网不稳 这就需要借助一些个小工具!这里建议大家下载gspace(去网上搜直接下就好,一定要下对不要下错咯),下载好gspace之后点加号把游戏复制进来,从gspace里面进游戏,如果还不行就搭木弟子这里推荐雷霆或者黑洞(我就是用这两个进去哒)。这里搭木弟子的手法也有点讲究,有些宝贝先搭好木弟子再从gspace进游戏,这样可能会黑屏进不去,(如果你进去了可以直接看第三点的账号登录喔),那就可以先从gspace进游戏 然后再跳出白色界面的瞬间切后台搭木弟子,这样就可以避免黑屏啦 用这个方法我觉得很稳 3 成功进去游戏后还要面临账号的选择 我是安卓所以我就介绍谷歌和脸书的账号登录方法,当然也有游客模式,但是删掉游戏后数据就没了喔,要慎重 我是用谷歌进去的 ,因为用从脸书切近游戏后(注册时一个必然的操作)会黑屏,所以就放弃,如果你有谷歌账号请确保你下了Google play,这样可以畅通无阻的进去。 没有谷歌账号的这里教你怎么注册,前面1说过,大陆手机号别再浏览器上注册,会用不了,所以这里建议大家下好gspace后再gspace里注册谷歌,随便点一个gspace里的软件或者直接在游戏里跳到gspace里的账号注册,然后正常输入你的信息,这时候大陆手机号码也可以用的,然后成功注册谷歌账号下载Google play就好了,这样从游戏里可以直接用谷歌登入,这样你就有了账号啦,玩得开心喔!
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搬运:Day1-7 聊天室攻略
Twitter hallow-won @astracora DAY ONE 00:11 Welcome! Welcome! - Complete 1 I'm awake - +Hi No… i'm sleepy - No Change 2 An important practice? +Hi You should always sleep! - No Change 3 You've very healthy aren't you? - NoChange I loved it as well… +Hi Call from Hi - Pick any options 02:22 Thought you could struggle to sleep…- Complete 1 How did you know? +Leo Zzz… - No Change 2 You must be really tired T_T +Leo Isn't it good to be popular? - No Change Ah… correct answer - No Change 3 I am a bit disorientated - No Change I will get used to it +Leo Call from Leo - Pick any options 5:33 Excuse me for a late ‘Hello’ -Complete 1 Good morning! +Sol Isn't this a bit too early? - No Change 2 Is that advice for my own sake? - NoChange Are you saying that for their sake? +Sol 3 You're going already? - No Change Alright, thanks. +Sol Call from Sol - Pick any options 08:23 Today’s Cat - Complete 1 ??? - No Change 2 Thank you for inviting me to the groupchat hehe +Hi Lol this is a lot to take in! - No Change 3 Lol, you really are close. +Leo Seems more one sided if you ask me… +Sol 4 What is that? +Leo Oh… that's a pretty decent shot! +Sol 5 Um… a bit. +Hi Well no? I'm not partial to anything… +Leo 6 Wow.. Sol you're quite attentive? - NoChange Maybe we should give it more water - NoChange 10:38 I already have a plan tonight -Complete 1 Don't die on me…! - No Change Ah, he was a great idol… RIP +Sol 2 I did distract you from your work? - NoChange It's all thanks to me! +Leo 3 If you just got back it might be reallytough +Hi So you can do it if you put your mind toit? - No Change 4 Plans? What's that? - No Change Weren't you coming to see me tonight? +Leo 5 I'm nervous… tremble +Sol Toys? Are they for me? +Hi 6 I want to collect my acme as fast as - NoChange I'm looking forward to meeting you allagain - No Change 7 It could be temporary… - No Change You're making me blush. - No Change 12:32 Ripeato is sunny again - Complete 1 Couldn't you guys just have talked on aprivate conversation for that? - No Change I wonder what they look like! +Sol What picture? - No Change 2 Do you have something to do at night? - NoChange VIP? +Sol 3 Does Sol work for someone dangerous? - NoChange Can you give me an example? +Hi 4 Why do they come to Ripeato? +Leo Wow I don't know what's going on but thatscool - No Change 5 Sol, you like cakes? - No Change I like hanging around people who are laidback! +Leo 6 Hi seems to be busy. He isn't talking onthe phone. +Hi What are you guys going to do now? - NoChange 14:15 Collaboration - Complete 1 Something interesting? - No Change No, i'm not busy +Leo 2 Oh! So Leo is going to be Ripeato's model?+Sol Alright, enough about that. Tell mesomething interesting? - No Change 3 Hi, you really like Leo, don't you? +Hi I think the collaboration is a good idea…+Leo 4 You two are surprisingly in sync… i think!- No Change Aren't you being too cold? - No Change 5 I hope everything works out - No Change Since we're done talking, are you guysgonna go now? +Sol 6 I'm okay! Continue! +Hi Hi… you're a scary person - No Change 16:48 Why do you make me so restless,Master? - Complete 1 I'm over here! - No Change In your heart? - No Change 2 Thank you for looking out for me! - NoChange I get the feeling you always view me in anegative light! - No Change 3 There's nothing strange about this!! - NoChange Have faith in me - No Change 4 No I did find partners! - No Change About that… We have a slight problem… - NoChange 18:39 A Lookalike - Complete 1 No, I haven't - No Change Yeah, what about you Sol? - No Change 2 Sol, why are you so obsessed with food? -No Change So the working environment in Ripeato isgreat! +Sol 3 Yeah! They really are similar. +Hi Hahah, I didn't know Sol was such apushover. - No Change 4 That's great! - No Change I guess that goes to show +Leo 5 I can also buy you toys if you want! - NoChange What toys? - No Change 6 That's hardly interesting +Sol Maybe she's nervous because she's in yourpresence? - No Change 7 Hm? Why are you saying my name? - NoChange You were thinking about me? +Leo 8 Sol, what did you think of me when wefirst met? +Sol I think your first impressions were prettyimpressive as well! +Hi 9 Don't tease him so much guys… +Hi Thank you for the compliment! +Leo 19:32 The seal is fading! - Complete 1 Speak Student Hi +Hi Wonder, Wonder? - No Change 2 Hi is too weak to spank! - No Change All three of you aren't exactly kidsthough. +Sol 3 You've been checking on it? - No Change Yes, it's fine… - No Change 4 I would love to have you guys as myboyfriends… +Leo Shouldn't we take it slow?! +Sol 5 Stop rubbing salt into my wound… - NoChange Yeap! I am proud to be single! +Leo 6 Seriously? Eee? No aa? +Hi You're going to make me cry - No Change 20:47 How was our first impression? -Complete 1 What a coincidence. I was just thinkingabout you too. +Leo What do you want to chat about? - No Change 2 I knew it! +Hi Oh wow… that's a lot to take in… +Sol 3 What is it? Ask away? - No Change What is it (worried) - No Change 4 And I thought you were going to throw me aserious question… - No Change Being judged by people constantly… thatmust be hard on you guys… - No Change 5 You looked cute. - No Change You seemed dangerous +Hi 6 He seemed sly - No Change He seemed mature +Leo 7 He seemed solid - No Change He seemed sweet +Sol 21:32 Scariest person - Complete 1 Did you guys have lunch? +Sol I am bored +Hi 2 What! You haven't had anything? - NoChange Leo! Come! I will buy you lunch! +Leo 3 Sol is so sensible - No Change Sol's right. You need to eat TT +Sol 4 Sol… is cold I think? +Leo Sol is compassionate - No Change 5 - if picked Sol is Cold I think Sol is Compassionate - No Change 6 That's relieving - No Change Dangerous past sounds cool - No Change 7 What happened? - No Change Should I come over? +Hi 22:22 Miss you so much! - Complete 1 Hi, how are you feeling? +Hi I feel sleepy, it's time to sleep. - NoChange 2 OMG are you ok? - No Change Are the others okay? +Leo 3 I feel bad for putting you guys throughthis. +Sol Why don't you try to enjoy the situation?+Hi 4 Boss! Are you okay? +Sol How is he? - No Change 5 Calm down first… - No Change I want to see you guys soon too… +Leo 23:59 Be Responsible - Complete 1 Why are you asking me that? - No Change I'm over here! - No Change 2 Wait a Minute! I'll ask William! - NoChange I told you that when I gave you my number…- No Change 3 - If picked Wait a minute. No WIlliam is my Butler - No Change DAY TWO 00:45 Let’s do that thing - Complete 1 Uh What happened is… - No Change I'll explain myself later! - No Change 2 Should I lend you my shoulder? - No Change Can we open the door first? - No Change 3 Sorry! My Bad! - No Change Say… say hello to my partners William! -No Change 4 I appreciate you worrying about me - NoChange That's right! William is too strict! - NoChange 5 That's a relief +Leo Why are you just staring at me? - NoChange 6 Are you done? +Leo What happens if you can't controlyourself? - No Change 7 No… No +Leo Not… Not yet - No Change 8 Physical activity? - No Change Suit yourself +Leo 02:58 I’ll continuously ask - Complete 1 No, Not Yet +Leo I was about to - No Change 2 That's a relief - No Change Are you ok? +Leo 3 No I'm not! - No Change Yeap, it's what my usual day looks like!+Leo 4 I'm fine with that! +Leo True… it's pretty late. - No Change 5 You sleep well Leo! - No Change Sweet dreams +Leo 07:32 This is one horrible morning -Complete 1 Yeap! - No Change Nope! - No Change 2 Yes I did! - No Change Huh? What? - No Change 3 Last partner? - No Change I've already made up my mind! - No Change 4 - If responded Last Partner? Nope - No Change 5 If they were that important why didn't youtell me earlier? - No Change Oh! I'm curious! - No Change 6 Make love? What's that? - No Change What are you talking about?? - No Change 7 I haven't decided… - No Change Do I have to choose one? - No Change 8 Looks delicious, can I have a bite? - NoChange It looks ominous. - No Change 9 What happens if I do? - No Change Got it! I will do as you say. - No Change 09:49 Who are you? - Complete 1 Hi, Good Morning! +Hi I had breakfast. +Sol I haven't had breakfast yet… - No Change 2 Did you have a good nights sleep Sol? +Sol I am still half asleep… hehehe… +Leo 3 Lol Did you do that on purpose? - NoChange Oh! It's a game poster? +Leo 4 Wow! I like cosplaying! +Hi I've done cosplay in the past too. - NoChange 5 Do you have one for me then? +Leo I want to see Hi's photo too! +Hi 6 I want to see Sol's photo too! - No Change What about a photo of cat instead? +Sol 7 See ya! - No Change 8 Who are you? - No Change I'm [Name]. - No Change 9 ??? - No Change 10:32 A new face - Complete 1 Hi! Listen to me first TT +Hi I can tell it's different… - No Change 2 Wonder, that's my name. - No Change I'm startled too - No Change 3 Well, I don't think Hi did something thatbad? +Sol Haha be more careful when you invite menext time. +Hi 4 I am neither a vet not a shaman. +Sol Your questions are out of line and I'm notgoing to answer them… +Leo 5 Thank you for explaining :) +Hi Sujee… you must be confused - No Change 6 I scared you? Lol - No Change Still not apologising? - No Change 7 High School alumnus? +Leo Pleased to meet you. - No Change 11:23 The room for you - Complete 1 Ta-da what? - No Change Why did you open up a new chat room? - NoChange 2 I was but Sujee doesn't seem like a badperson - No Change Haha Thank you for opening up a new one.+Hi 3 What does she do for a living? - No Change Does Sujee always tend to blend in thecrowd like that? - No Change That's too bad +Sol 4 Thank you. +Sol If you are busy, you don't have to stay -No Change 5 Wow! What kind of CF? +Hi CF! You really are an Idol! - No Change 6 What's up Leo? - No Change I'll be here and waiting for you guys!+Leo 7 Malicious Comments? +Hi You really are popular… +Leo LEO CALL 13:48 They Look Different in Color…? -Complete 1 Hi! I've been waiting for you! +Hi Aren't you busy Hi? - No Change 2 I am eating something! +Sol I'm playing a game! - No Change I'm doing my job! +Hi 3 Can't you just send us a picture already?+Leo What are you working on Hi? +Hi 4 I know that drink! - No Change Huh? Aren't they in different colours?+Sol 5 Something doesn't seem right… - No Change I'm sure everything is fine! Don't worry!- No Change 6 Sol? Did something happen to him? +Sol Wow! This makes it seem like we're part ofa detective crew! - No Change 7 Sol, I think it's okay to lean on us oncein a while. +Leo Sol, you're a man. - No Change 8 Hi isn't talking… - No Change Leo haha you're good at this! +Leo 15:55 Small World! - Complete 1 Hm? Why are you asking me? - No Change Maybe it's because you ate them all…? +Sol 2 Not yet! - No Change Yes, I did. - No Change 3 Unexpectedly! - No Change That's only because you work too hardevery single day. +Leo 4 Knowing Hi actually brought you a solid…+Hi I just wish they saw you for what you'reworth… +Leo 5 Lol it's it the other way around? - NoChange Oh Hi any updates? - No Change 6 What did you send exactly? +Hi Glad to hear it didn't affect yourShooting! - No Change 7 I want to see the photo! +Leo Hm? Why does he hate it so much? +Sol 8 We need to respect his preference. +Hi Being naked is quite comfortable! +Leo 9 Maybe it's his toy? - No Change Shh, that's part of his personal life! -No Change 10 Sol Cheer up I am on your side. +Sol Lol You guys are so happy and cheerful. -No Change 17:24 I don't hold grudges? - Complete 1 Hello, Sujee - No Change ?! Sujee? - No Change 2 I don't really mind. - No Change You seem to know a lot about Hi - NoChange 3 It's more complicated than just friends. -No Change We met at Ripeato - No Change 4 I think it's too soon for you to ask mesuch questions. - No Change He seems dangerous, cute and sensible attimes - No Change 5 You're working hard for Hi's sake. - NoChange I am not one of his lunatics. +Hi 6 So it's all you who made him who he istoday? - No Change Well I think he could have become an idolwithout your help. - No Change 7 I am not interested in celebs to beginwith. +Leo Truth be told, I don't really know muchabout him. - No Change 8 You really do like Hi. - No Change Aren't Sol and Leo pretty amazing? +Sol 9 Did you hear that from Hi? - No Change Hi is keeping himself busy :) - No Change 10 Hi is too busy to chat? - No Change I am also glad to know you :) - No Change HI CALL 19:13 I need you - Complete 1 Did something happen to the cat? - NoChange Cat… i want to see him - No Change 2 You said he's not in a good condition. -No Change Why don't you try to search for him a bitlonger? - No Change 3 Who're Babe and Siu? +Sol Leo and Hi, you guys are worried about theCat as well. +Leo 4 - if you pick Leo and Hi Him? - No Change 5 After he passed, that must have been hard.+Leo Inheriting a shop all by yourself… that'samazing.+Sol 6 Everyone can change. +Sol But I do think that doesn't make what hedid in the past anymore right. - No Change 7 Hi, you are really sensitive :) +Hi Sol… you must have been broken inside… -No Change 8 The cat must resemble Sol's Dad +Sol I believe in reincarnation +Hi 9 He fainted?! - No Change I'm so glad they found him TT +Hi 10 Maybe that's what you want to believe? -No Change It's difficult because that's not in ourcontract condition… +Leo 11 If that's what you guys want. +Leo That does not solve the fundamental issue.- No Change 12 All right. - No Change 13 You don't have to… - No Change Thank you for being there for me +Hi 21:47 Ripeato and Cat - Complete 1 Don't worry. I'm here with you. +Hi You can do it. Steel yourself! - No Change 2 I'm not so sure, but i want to help +Sol I'm ok! - No Change 3 You can go. +Hi Big Brother? +Sol 4 I share that feeling. - No Change It's ok! I will save him +Hi 23:28 A lying child - Complete 1 Sorry for making you worried. +Hi Thank you for worrying about me. - NoChange 2 I smell you - No Change I know this smell +Hi 3 Take them off +Hi I don't want to say such thing - No Change 4 What's that in your hand? - No Change What happened to the cat? +Hi 5 Where is Sujee? +Hi Where are Leo and Sol? - No Change 6 I'm perfectly fine. - No Change You didn't do anything wrong. +Hi 7 Hi you are too hot. +Hi Hi, are you upset? - No Change 8 A massage? - No Change Wow, Hi you're really good at everything.+Hi 9 Yes, it's great… +Hi What? - No Change 10 I wish you could do this all night… +Hi What's filling up? - No Change DAY THREE (Missing a Chat/Scenesomewhere according to log). (Potential Bad ending?) 01:59 Sweet dreams, sweet [Name] -Complete 1 I can't sleep. - No Change I'm so tired. +Hi 2 Sure, I like that. - No Change I want to chat with you +Hi 3 I want to see your startled face +Hi Something big's going to happen - NoChange 4 Sujee deserved it. +Hi I think you overdid it - No Change 5 Maybe she doesn't like you being with me?- No Change Maybe she is paralysed in love with you?+Hi What's your mom like? - No Change 6 Okay, I'm going to bed. - No Change 08:43 William's Heart - Complete 1 Yeah I'm right here. - No Change Why did you call for me twice? - No Change 2 That pink haired human has a name. +Hi Did you worry about me a lot? - No Change 3 Were they that important? - No Change But what's done is done. - No Change 4 I recharged some yesterday. - No Change We should look at it under a positivelight. - No Change 5 I don't think I can remember all of them.- No Change You're right, I don't listen to anyone. -No Change 6 Oh, right! - No Change Okay! I'll be more careful. - No Change HI CALL 10:36 My dear friend, [Name] - Complete 1 Who Is this? - No Change 2 Wow… Your profile picture - No Change Lol I was kidding. - No Change 3 How did you know that? - No Change Are you also worried for my wellbeing? -No Change 4 It's a refreshing morning. - No Change I don't feel so great. - No Change 5 They were more attractive than Unholycs. -No Change I still have a long way to go. - No Change 6 To think you would find joy. - No Change I'm glad you actually find my situationamusing. - No Change 7 I don't have any intention of forcingthem. - No Change Our powers don't work? - No Change 8 You have your butler though. - No Change Why don't you hang out with humans? - NoChange 9 Huhu, wish all you want! - No Change I will deliver your message to William :)- No Change 11:24 Cat is Recovering - Complete 1 Yeap 100 Percent - No Change I survived thanks to Hi +Hi 2 Yes I did +Sol I skipped because i felt lazy and tired -No Change 3 I wanted to see you too… +Leo Good job. You can't just throw away yourlife. - No Change 4 I didn't notice… sad… - No Change I felt much better this morning +Hi 5 That's because you drank too much yoghurt.+Leo You have a sweet tooth too? +Sol 6 Great! - No Change I guess he's not fully recovered. +Sol 7 I am happy enough to be able to talk toyou. +Sol There are so many things I want. +Hi 8 Ah! Did you want to have my slippers? +Sol So cute… +Leo 9 Bird poop! - No Change Don't you think you should clean it up? -No Change SOL CALL 13:46 [Name]!! Big Sister [Name]!!! -Complete 1 ??? - No Change 2 Who is this? - No Change Okay, thank you… +Sol 3 Where did you get my number? - No Change Haha Nice to meet you. +Sol 4 What keeps him so busy? - No Change Did Sol ever have a girlfriend? +Sol 5 Hey - No Change Hello? +Sol Excuse me? - No Change 14:32 [Name], I have a question. -Complete 1 Yes, Boss!! - No Change I wanted to talk as well. - No Change 2 He called me sister-in-law. +Sol Don't punish him. - No Change 3 Lol are you checking on my meal statusagain? +Sol Yes, I did. - No Change No, I didn't. - No Change 4 Something else? +Sol Mmm, the truth is... - No Change 5 Actually - No Change 6 I am the one who made the decision. +Sol William is not as irrational. - No Change 16: 37 Memory from school years - Complete 1 I will take that SOS +Leo Hi Leo! - No Change 2 Application requirements? +Leo Can Hi Translate? +Hi 3 I think those who write- +Sol Why would people? +Hi 4 Why won't you make a costume for Hi? +Sol Hi, so Smart! +Hi 5 That's Sol's Privacy! +Sol I bet $100 +Leo 6 Leo must enjoy physical activity. - NoChange Aren't you a professional model?? - NoChange 7 Sol isn't good at drinking? +Sol Oh, the story sounds pretty interesting! -No Change 8 The story doesn't match - No Change I want to see Leo get tired! +Sol 9 I like how manly Sol is. - No Change That's right, I like how soft and warm- -No Change 10 Lol Sol… - No Change Treating elderly well.. - No Change 18:58 Strange vacation - Complete 1 Do you think he told her about my story?+Sol 30 pairs of slippers?! +Hi 2 Didn't you say the sign was no longerthere? - No Change Maybe she's taking it off a little longer?- No Change 3 You guys must be close to her? - No Change She's going to be fine. +Hi 4 Maybe it was someone who looked like her?+Leo Maybe she just wanted to take a rest? - NoChange 5 Sol is so reliable. - No Change I really wish she's ok. +Sol 6 I like sweet things too. +Leo How can Sol handle so much sugar? - NoChange 19:43 Man from Underworld - Complete 1 Sujee you must visit Ripeato pretty often? - No Change Are you close to her too Sujee? - NoChange 2 Don't you think saying that can hurt Sol'sfeelings more? +Sol Why don't you use a different way- - NoChange 3 Sujee you are being rude. - No Change Are you talking bad about Sol's friends?+Sol 4 Sol has enemies? - No Change They want the Ripeato's street? - NoChange 5 Sol, does this put you in danger? - NoChange Sol, don't you have intention to solvethis by force? +Sol 6 Everything is centered on Hi for you,Sujee. - No Change Do you know these people Sol? - No Change 7 It feels like we are mingling intosomething dangerous… - No Change Can't we just report this case to thepolice? - No Change 8 Leo, you must have been busy? - No Change Leo, I am still here! +Leo 9 Sol is as normal as we are. - No Change Sol must be aware how concerned you areLeo. - No Change 10 How did you get so close to her Leo? +Leo How did Sol get so close with her Leo?+Sol How did Hi get so close with her Leo? +Hi 11 I am too. - No Change I'm fine. +Leo 20:21 Don't tell others. - Complete 1 Urgent matter? - No Change Are you ok? +Sol 2 I won't until you come. +Sol Don't push yourself too much. - No Change 21:24 Advice from a female friend. -Complete 1 I'm just doing my work. - No Change I just talked to Sol. - No Change 2 Sol is not a gangster. - No Change No, I didn't. - No Change 3 I think you are. - No Change You are worried about me? - No Change 4 You heard? - No Change He had lived such a tough life? - NoChange 5 Sol said he trusts- - No Change All the employees- - No Change 6 Yes I understand. - No Change Well, a lot still doesn't make sense tome. - No Change 7 I only speak about Hi that I know. - NoChange Something makes me think that I know- - No Change 21:45 Sol's Last Words - Complete 1 Don't worry. - No Change We haven't heard from Hi either. - NoChange 2 Hi, let's calm down. +Sol Don't be sorry. +Hi 3 Nothing much. - No Change He sounded there is some issues. +Leo 4 Does Sol get involved- - No Change Sol is super strong- - No Change 5 Leo you really do understand- +Leo What message did Sol leave you with? - NoChange 6 Why do you have to be there? +Hi I'm so glad you're coming early. - NoChange 7 Okay, I will stay strong. +Sol I can't calm myself down from worrying. -No Change 21:53 Emergency Closedown, Ripeato No Choices 22:34 Waiting - Complete 1 Sol! Are you ok? - No Change I was waiting for you! +Sol 2 Should support him. - No Change Should tell Sol. +Sol 3 I worried about you too. - No Change We can't even worry a person. +Sol 4 How come- - No Change Mmm… i think. +Sol 5 That's right, I'm upset. +Sol No, why would i feel unpleasant? - NoChange 6 Stop! - No Change Let's finish this up first. +Sol 7 Sol, can you do it with less power.. - NoChange It hurts if you do it like that. +Sol 8 Sol, is there any issue that you areafraid to share? +Sol Sol, it may just be a feeling but- - NoChange DAY FOUR (Missing a Chat somewhere accordingto log). 00:58 Nagger - Complete 1 What are you talking about? - No Change How did you know? - No Change 2 If you aren't sleeping. +Sol Have some sleep. - No Change 3 You must sleep well at night? +Sol I want to hear about your childhood! - NoChange 4 Did you call him dad? - No Change Thats a happy memory! +Sol 5 Maybe your dad was super handsome! - NoChange Women are attracted to bad boys. - NoChange Maybe she was attracted to him as aperson. +Sol 6 What's Leo's family like? +Leo What's Hi's family like? +Hi 02:49 Voice - Answer the Voice for a badending (As of rightnow you can't unlock the bad ending choices within your records) 1 …? - No Change Okay! I did it! - No Change 2 No, not really? - Don't Select (Don't answer) 3 Come in William. - Don't Select (Ignore) 4 Then the person- - No Change Don't joke around! - No Change 08:23 Did you make your choice? - Complete 1 Haha did you help them? - No Change You did a good job! - No Change 2 How old are you? - No Change You complain like a mother of three sons.- No Change 3 Hi +Hi Leo +Leo Sol +Sol 4 That partner… - No Change What happens if I can't? - No Change 5 You have some temper- - No Change Are you worried? - No Change 6 I'm itching.. - No Change Sure. - No Change 7 I won't respond. - No Change Okay! - No Change 8 William… - No Change OMG! - No Change 10:35 Surpisingly Offer - Complete 1 I'm moving busily here and there. - NoChange I was resting. - No Change I'm thinking about you round the clock.+Leo 2 Lol yes I did. - No Change No, not yet. +Sol 3 Yes I did +Sol No, i didn't. - No Change 4 You must have seized- +Sol A difficult opponent? +Leo 5 He must be really competent. - No Change I think I've heard- - No Change 6 You are so knowledgeable. +Sol If I am a photographer- +Leo 7 We usually call situations like this OP.+Leo True… since you never know how- - NoChange 8 What do you mean? - No Change Living a life of Leo- +Leo 9 Sol's right. +Sol Lol Leo is running away. - No Change 10 Aren't you close? +Leo They must be really cool- - No Change 11 Now I really want to get to know them.+Leo Do they make your life hard? - No Change 12 Indeed Boss Sol. +Sol Sol must be close? - No Change 13 Who's on your mind? +Sol I can't wait for Leo's sisters. +Leo 14 All the best! - No Change [Leo] gains 100 Luck. +Leo 12:38 Princess of underworld - Complete 1 Let's Chat- - No Change Hi! +Hi He said they haven't- +Leo Oh! Even Hi knows- - No Change How was it? - No Change I don't know- +Hi Don't worry about me- +Sol Does that mean- - No Change Peipei? - No Change Sol really seems- +Sol Does peipei- - No Change Three people with a pencil?? - No Change They should have let you know in advance-- No Change They say good things come to those whowait. - No Change Poor Leo +Leo Lol charisma of boss - No Change SOL CALL 13:47 An unwelcome letter - Complete I welcome any updates +Hi I hope they aren't bad - No Change Good call. +Sol The results are finally out. - No Change Are they ok?? +Hi Are you ok?? - No Change But then... - No Change Hi... don't tell me... +Hi Could it be... - No Change What if they suspect you? - No Change Hi... - No Change I don't think this- - No Change I'm worried about you... - No Change Aiden and Won- - No Change You mean you are happy you met me? +Leo You are only happy- - No Change I feel the same way- +Sol When do you feel particularly good? +Leo I also enjoy- +Leo Honestly I feel- +Sol 15:23 I thought you must know. - Complete- YOU NEED TOHAVE HIGH HEARTS WITH EVERYONE TO GET PAST THIS BAD ENDING WITH SUJEE!Basically just select all the heart options you can, doesn't matter who with -as far as I can tell, options you pick don't matter in this convo. You justneed to be well liked! 1 Weren't you in class? - No Change What can I help you with? - No Change 2 Aren't they the same dress? - No Change Why don't you get both of them? - NoChange 3 No 1 - No Change No 2 - No Change I really can't choose. - No Change 4 Seeing how you know what Hi likes- - NoChange Practice makes perfect. - No Change 5 Why? - No Change Well… - No Change 6 If you're going to speak bad. - No Change You worry about me being a girl? - NoChange 7 It's not surprising. - No Change What were the rumours? - No Change 8 So you never saw with your own eyes? - NoChange I can understand. - No Change 9 Yes we had a promise. - No Change It's… our little secret. - No Change 10 - if you answer yes we had apromise I don't think you would believe me even ifI tell you. - No Change Yes. It's something I cannot share withyou. - No Change 17:28 Leo and Snow Princess - Complete 1 Leo! How did things go? +Leo Hi! How's your concert practice going? +Hi Sol! Remember to eat snacks! +Sol 2 Turns out Sol is quite interested. +Sol I'm curious too. +Leo 3 He must really be a difficult person… - NoChange Why is he so full of himself? - No Change 4 Maybe he's just honest? - No Change He might have some complications. - NoChange 5 Hi is such a warm person. +Hi Hi… so you were depressed all along. - NoChange 6 Lol, nice timing. - No Change Hahaha, that was cheap. - No Change 7 That's right. - No Change Then are you guys coming early? + Leo 8 Leo's brother is worrying? - No Change Leo's brother… I'm curious. - No Change 9 That's right, it's painful. - No Change Hahaha why does Hi think- +Hi 10 Me too! - No Change But you meeting's more important. - NoChange 11 Hi! I'll be here. - No Change Haha Sol, have fun at work! +Sol 18:36 Is this Miss [Name]'s phone number?- Complete 1 Yes, that's right. - No Change Huh? You sound familiar. +Leo 2 You are leo's brother. - No Change I also heard about you. +Leo 3 He talks about me? - No Change I could always picture him… +Leo 4 Could our relationship- +Leo You mean the recent- - No Change 5 I didn't know. - No Change I'm happy. +Leo 6 I can see- +Leo Mm… is there any reason- - No Change 7 Yes Leo seemed stressed. +Leo Leo described him as Snow Princess. - NoChange 8 Did something happen- - No Change You contacted me because you are concerned.+Leo 9 W...wing? - No Change I understand. +Leo 10 Yes. +Leo I will turn him into an albatross. - NoChange LEO CALL 19:22 Somebody help me TT - Complete LOW AFFECTION FOR LEO WILLGIVE YOU A BAD ENDING HERE. (cat related) 1 Sol, did you have your lunch? +Sol What did you ask her to do? - No Change 2 - If you answer 'Sol did youhave your lunch?' I had mine… +Sol Not yet. - No Change 3 What's up? - No Change Yes, i am Busy. - No Change 4 It's not her fault. - No Change You should have been more careful. +Hi 5 Leo is busy. +Leo Finding Leo doesn't make a difference. +Hi 6 Have you got time? +Leo It's sad to think... - No Change 7 Why don't I go? - No Change 19:42 Are you well, Master? - Complete 1 I'm sorry. - No Change Can't we simply get rid of all thepockets? - No Change 2 I'm working. - No Change I'm studying. - No Change I'm chatting with you. - No Change 3 Are you threatening me? - No Change No, nothing. - No Change 4 How long can't I use my power? - No Change What happens if i don't follow- - NoChange 5 Eater? - No Change 6 You're the best. - No Change How come you're so smart? - No Change 20:38 Slim chance - Complete 1 Leo, you need- +Leo Are the bad things- - No Change 2 What if I can help? - No Change Is this about time I show up? +Hi 3 There's no other way. - No Change Is there any other way? +Sol 4 I'm feeling- - No Change 5 You don't trust me? - No Change Leo sounds cold.. - No Change 6 I'm really confident this time. +Sol Actually I'm not so sure. - No Change 7 I can't ask you- +Leo Thank you for considering me. +Hi 21:21 Goodwill and ill will - Complete 1 We met yesterday though. +Leo Why did you run here? - No Change 2 Could it be… - No Change What are we missing? +Leo 3 Leo, i need you to trust me. - No Change Why do you think it'll be harder for you?+Leo 4 I'm sorry. +Leo See? - No Change 5 You get nervous? - No Change Has anyone else been in your car? +Leo 21:46 Odd Encounter No Choices 23:31 Must leave it 1 What happened? - No Change Did… someone hit me? +Leo 2 People say laughter brings you good luck?+Leo What about the others? - No Change 3 Yes. +Leo No. - No Change 4 Don't beat yourself up. +Leo Did someone tell you? - No Change 5 I'm going to have to tell him. - No Change Put an arm around him. +Leo 6 Nope. - No Change Yes. +Leo DAY FIVE 01:38 Because I wanted to tell you -Complete 1 How? +Leo I'm about to. - No Change 2 That we took pictures together? +Leo That you had a fight with cat? - No Change 3 What about Hi? +Hi How can you say like that about Hi? - NoChange 4 You really sound like Hi's mom. - NoChange I want to chat with you more. +Leo 5 What's the matter. - No Change You need to control your appetite. +Leo 6 Is it true? - No Change Did you talk to- +Leo 7 Thank you. - No Change 08:39 It's surprisingly no longersurprising - Complete 1 Yes! - No Change No. - No Change 2 Huh? - No Change It was more like... - No Change 3 It's already… - No Change I'm sorry! - No Change 4 Please. - No Change - No Change I really appreciate your effort. 5 I'm thinking of Hi. +Hi I'm thinking of Leo. +Leo I'm thinking of Sol. +Sol 6 He looked a bit… sad. - No Change He seemed to know me well. - No Change Why do you care? - No Change 7 Okay then. - No Change Why do eaters- - No Change 8 I will stay in the dark. - No Change You are my shadow too. - No Change 9 Omg. - No Change What if I- - No Change 10:42 You're invited to a new chat room -Complete 1 Why am I in a new chatroom? - No Change Uh… It's Sujee - No Change 2 You are too impulsive? - No Change I… am not so sure. +Leo 3 Wow you are a liar. +Hi I won't say more. +Sol 4 Because… - No Change I didn't hide anything. +Leo 5 Are you worried now? - No Change Sol's fully capable. +Sol 6 They said the room is frozen. - No Change (Leave no response) +Hi 10:43 I'm an unfair man - Complete 1 That's exactly why… - No Change Do you trust me? +Hi 2 Your responses are too slow. - No Change Well… what's done is done. +Sol 3 It was my decision. +Sol I don't regret. +Leo 4 No I'm not. +Hi Yes… - No Change 5 Yes. - No Change Mm… Liam seems worried. - No Change 6 I'm glad. +Hi I appreciate- - No Change 7 Oops. - No Change Of course! +Sol 8 You must be nervous. +Leo Are you driving yourself? - No Change 9 Then help me. +Leo I won't leave Liam's side. - No Change 12:31 Picky? - Complete 1 Leo! - No Change Don't die! +Leo 2 Does that mean- - No Change It worries me- +Leo 3 Who could that be? - No Change How good is he exactly- - No Change 4 Luck is part of skill! - No Change I think I understand. +Leo 5 Do you have a meeting? +Sol Lol You aren't like that, Hi? +Hi 6 Then let's chat more. +Sol What happened to the shoe shop? - NoChange 7 I'm too old for that… - No Change My love!!! Have me!!!! +Hi 14:35 Long tail was bound to be steppedon. - Complete 1 Oh shoot.. You got me dead to rights. +Hi Are we playing? - No Change 2 Hi must have his reasons. +Hi But I still don't want to see Sujee. - NoChange 3 Oops sorry! I'm clapping now! - No Change That's what I thought… - No Change 4 I'm open minded. - No Change Am I also yours, Hi? - No Change 5 Sujee, just confess. - No Change Let's not jump to any conclusions. +Sol 6 That's not something for you to decide.+Leo I will be with them forever. +Sol 7 Hi, don't worry. +Leo I will never stab you in the back. - NoChange SOL CALL 16:31 Daily peace of mind - Complete 1 I always have time to chat with you :)+Leo Thank you for worrying :) - No Change 2 Sleeping his way up? +Sol Maybe the meeting is over? +Leo 3 He's interesting person. - No Change I'm kind of building respect for him - NoChange 4 You are embarrassing me - No Change But I don't have the picture. - No Change 5 He must be. - No Change I wish he's here. +Hi 6 Did something happen? - No Change Don't worry. +Hi 7 You are Hi's number 1 fan. +Sol Love you Jung Hi!! - No Change 18:38 To protect what's most valuable -Complete 1 Lol you don't ask Leo? +Leo Yes, I'm fine. +Sol 2 No. +Sol Yes. +Leo 3 Was he Hi's fan? +Hi I presume you discussed about Ripeato?+Sol 4 Is it that easy? - No Change I assume it entails conditions? +Sol 5 Can she be of any help? - No Change Are you still in touch with her? - NoChange 6 I'm starting to worry. +Hi He must be practicing. - No Change 7 You guys… - No Change What was he like? +Hi 8 Hi's a real softie. - No Change Hi's stronger person. - No Change 19:42 Strange SOS - Complete 1 I don't recognise you. - No Change Yes, I am. +Hi 2 We can get to know each other like this :)- No Change Did something happen to Hi? +Hi 3 Ask me anything. +Hi Ok what is it? - No Change 4 No? +Hi Yes. - No Change 5 We were worried about him! +Hi Omg! - No Change OMFG?! Hell of?! - No Change 6 You must be tired… - No Change Is Hi Ok? +Hi 7 - If you reply You must be tired Is that Hi's Blood?? - No Change Where's Hi? - No Change 8 Don't worry, they're fine. +Hi 9 Don't worry. - No Change What happens? +Hi 10 I want to see you too. - No Change I don't want to make Hi angry. +Hi HI CALL 21:51 Return of Hi - Complete 1 Are you feeling better? - No Change You are back to normal, Hi! +Leo 2 Everybody worried. +Sol I'm glad you are here. +Hi 3 And you are the best. - No Change Yean Geonil seemed to be- +Hi 4 It must be tough. +Sol Sols right. - No Change 5 Come fast. +Leo Is Hi coming too? - No Change 23:21 You'll feel the same pain - Complete 1 This isn't satisfying… +Sol They must have their reasons. +Leo 2 Hi, you should take a shower. +Hi I don't think you can take a shower rightnow. - No Change 3 Shake Head. - No Change Nod Head +Hi 4 Please Unblind me. - No Change Please Untie me. +Hi 5 No I wasn't scared. - No Change It was scary… +Hi DAY SIX (Missing a Chat somewhere accordingto log). 01:59 I think it actually hurts - Complete 1 You just said you're ok? - No Change Hurt?! - No Change 2 - If you select 'Hurt' Don't pull my legs. +Hi William is standing outside. - No Change 3 Won Seock is going to feel bad. - NoChange Even if its Sol? +Hi 4 Maybe you are still worried. - No Change Maybe because you are turned on? +Hi 5 I don't have such power either :) +Hi Liam is really the most powerful butler! -No Change 06:11 You no longer have to worry -Complete 1 Sujee? - No Change Who… are you? - No Change 2 Are you on my side? - No Change What happened to Sujee? - No Change 3 Hold on. - No Change I don't really follow- - No Change 08:21 How do you like me to dispose of it?- Complete 1 What's up? - No Change Wait. - No Change 2 An important event? - No Change I thought you knew every small detail? -No Change 3 You are rather very composed- - No Change Right!! - No Change 4 Liam, please calm down! - No Change 08:46 I'm calm again. - Complete 1 Liam, are you feeling better? - No Change Phew… - No Change 2 Did you give them night snack? - No Change So you heard from them. - No Change 3 I still don't know. - No Change Instead of Sujee- - No Change 4 It was from her phone. - No Change 5 But he said he's really on my side. - NoChange Do you think someone we know- - No Change 6 Yes, I did. - No Change No, I didn't. - No Change 7 - If you select No, I didn't Hi +Hi Leo +Leo Sol +Sol 8 What?! - No Change Mmm… easy peasy. - No Change 9 You are the best. - No Change Okay GG! - No Change 10:37 Thank you ooo, my concern is solved.- Complete 1 Good morning, guys! - No Change It's not the greatest morning. - No Change 2 No, not yet. - No Change Of course! - No Change Did you have your breakfast? +Sol 3 I think i'm going to miss it. +Leo It feels great! - No Change 4 If it feels good- +Hi Mm… what are we talking about? - No Change 5 I wish I had been the one. +Sol I'm glad to hear that. +Leo 6 ??Lol? +Hi Surely… I knew he wasn't an ordinary cat.- No Change 7 I think Sol and Ripeato is one. - NoChange I didn't really think about it- - NoChange 8 Actually a stranger contacted me- - NoChange It's hard to tell- +Sol 12:46 The face of who fell in love? -Complete 1 Did you get SSSR Item? - No Change Something nice happened to Leo? +Leo 2 It's all your sweat and tears. +Leo You aren't just pay me back- +Sol 3 He's following you? - No Change Has he been looking for something- - NoChange 4 Why am I feeling embarrassed? - No Change I'm so glad- +Sol 5 I want to see your photo too! :) +Hi I want to take photos with Leo. - NoChange 6 Hi's toys. +Hi Leo's photo album. +Leo Sol's Ripeato goods. +Sol 7 Does Ripeato ever close? - No Change Are you closing the shop because of me? -No Change 8 If something happens- - No Change Yes! - No Change LEO CALL 14:23 Ripeato, emergency - Complete 1 Yes. +Sol No. - No Change 2 Is it ok to see in public? +Sol Is this related to the concert? +Hi 3 Lol, i think Sol's a real tsundere. +Hi Maybe he's just collecting for fun? - NoChange 4 Did it happen because you turned downtheir offer? - No Change Are Hi's fans surrounding Ripeato? - NoChange 5 Sol's such a gentleman. - No Change He's right. +Sol 14:23 How did the words get out? -Complete 1 Me too! +Hi Hi, he said it's dangerous- - No Change 2 They are the bad ones. - No Change Everyone makes mistakes. +Sol 3 But still… +Sol Sol must have a solution. - No Change 4 Then who's protecting Ripeato? - No Change You worry about your neighbours… +Hi 5 But still- - No Change Now I'm curious- +Leo 6 Can I be of help? +Leo I want to hear more about the town- - NoChange 18:29 Ghost Story - Complete 1 Yes. +Hi I don't. - No Change 2 You believe in superstitions Leo? +Leo Good things are lining up- +Hi 3 Yes. He sounded kind and nice. - No Change Yes but he sounded suspicious. - No Change 4 That means she's still around you… - NoChange Hi, this is bad! - No Change 5 You just realised that? +Sol Sol! - No Change 6 Leo, what's going on? +Leo Did Sol send you a message? +Sol 7 You must go. - No Change Can't you stay? - No Change 20:22 Do you remember me! - Complete 1 Of course, Babe! - No Change Who is this?? - No Change 2 Did something happen to Sol? - No Change Well, pleasure is mine. - No Change 3 How nice of you. - No Change Is Cat safe? - No Change 4 What exactly exacerbated the situation? -No Change Sol ordered you not to tell me? - NoChange 5 Sol's description- - No Change I'm sorry. - No Change 6 What can I possibly help with? - No Change I don't think Sol would like- - No Change 20:40 What do you want from me? 1 Liam!! I need to tell you something!! - NoChange 2 I didn't say anything yet. - No Change Don't worry. - No Change 3 Right! - No Change Do you read people's mind? - No Change 4 No! - No Change Liam's loyalty. - No Change 5 No! - No Change When are you going to make up with Pierce? 6 Please help Sol. - GAME OVER (William) Go save Sol and Ripeato, Liam. - No Change 22:30 Sweet, bitter night. - Complete 1 You don't like being alone with me? - NoChange Yeah, it's only the two of us. - No Change 2 Did you just hit me? +Sol You don't feel like eating? - No Change 3 How much are you going to show me? - NoChange Sure. I can believe you if I see it. +Sol 4 You did first. +Sol I didn't?! - No Change 5 Chocolate cake… - No Change I want to have the same cake we did today.+Sol DAY SEVEN 01:47 Confusing Night - Complete 1 You weren't sleeping- +Sol I like your current attitude better. - NoChange 2 Are you trying to push me away? - NoChange What's like you? +Sol 3 Did something happen to you previously? -No Change How risky does it get if I get too closeto you? - No Change 4 It must have been hard. - No Change You dad must have loved her very much.+Sol 5 OMG! - No Change I feel sorry for your mom… - No Change 6 This is too sad… +Sol Thank you for telling me… - NoChange 7 The more I hear- - No Change Do you really wish me to leave? +Sol 7.5 - Only if you select 'do you reallywish me to leave' Doesn't that mean you wish me to stay? -No Change 8 Just trust me. - No Change Take your time- +Sol 9 I can't sleep thinking about you. +Sol I can't sleeping thinking it's- - NoChange 10 I believe what you believe. - No Change Yes, I agree with you- +Sol 11 Of course! +Sol Ahh.. - No Change 08:12 One Quiet Morning - Complete 1 Yess, I did. +Sol Did you hear from Leo and Hi? - No Change 2 I'm so worried… - No Change But I'm glad you are here. +Sol 3 Has Leo ever fallen off- +Leo Did Hi's phone break down again? +Hi 4 Then, are you ok? - No Change You are indeed so reliable! +Sol 5 Haha, you're worried about my breakfast-+Sol No, Not yet - No Change 09:26 It's finally the day of showdown -Complete 1 Liam. - No Change Why do you sound so nervous? - No Change 2 Never put them out. - No Change Put them all out at once. - No Change 3 To help me? - No Change What happens if I kick it out? - No Change 4 I think you just added into the list. - NoChange Mmm.. that's where i feel weakest :) - NoChange 5 I hope you aren't putting- - No Change Why don't you use a more ordinary pot? -No Change 19:40 the great Unholyc - Complete 1 Liam? - No Change How's your preparation- - No Change 2 Does that mean- - No Change A life without end… - No Change 3 By unique power… - No Change Are there other powers? - No Change 4 You mean I can possess one of thosepowers? - No Change Do you have such power? - No Change 5 Liam… - No Change Perhaps.. - No Change 6 Have you ever paid your price- - No Change Then I simply won't use the power! - NoChange 12:46 Please stop him - Complete 1 Are you really Mr Seojoon? - No Change Yes, that's my name. - No Change 2 Plane?? - No Change Why are you telling me this? - No Change 3 I don't think it's my responsibility todecide. - No Change I wish Leo chooses me- - No Change 13:23 It's strangely quiet? - Complete 1 Do you want me to- - No Change Just like... - No Change 2 They will come. - No Change Body part?! - No Change 3 Yes, you are right.. - No Change How did you know? - No Change 4 I'm concerned about this devil's dish… -No Change This is why I've been collecting acme. -No Change 14:21 My dear baby - Complete 1 Miss Shallotte! - No Change Shallotte! - No Change 2 Mm… Liam? - No Change If you arrive at this moment, you aregoing to be win the prize. - No Change 3 Mm? I've never heard about that? - NoChange Haha, I am special indeed! - No Change 16:36 What William kept secret - Complete 1 Hey guys.. - No Change Shallotte! - No Change 2 Liam… - No Change There's no way Liam's hiding somethingfrom me. - No Change 18:34 You've waited long, my lady. -Complete 1 Leo, you can text while on the plane? - NoChange Leo!! +Leo 2 What about your career? - No Change Come fast! +Leo 3 Isn't it pounding faster because- - NoChange I'm also excited to see you… +Leo 4 I'm more worried about you than Hi! +Leo Hi's behind bars? - No Change LEO CALL 19:23 Jail breaker - Complete 1 ??? +Hi Hi! You escaped…! - No Change 2 Chased down? - No Change That's fine! +Hi 3 Please come and don't die! - No Change It sounds like- +Hi HI CALL 20:56 The friends of jail breaker -Complete 1 I started to worry about you TT - NoChange It's fine. +Sol 2 Knocked out a bodyguard? - No Change So he was tricked by them… - No Change 3 How did he trick the officers… You've done so much- +Sol 4 Thank you Sol… - No Change By everyone- +Sol 5 That's similar to what the other two said:) +Sol When did Cat say that? - No Change SOL CALL 21:29 Finally arrived! - Complete 1 You don't have to be. +Hi Rather I'm sorry that I couldn't helpyou... - No Change 2 Choose Hi's +Hi Choose Leo's +Leo Choose Sol's +Sol 22:31 The last partner - Complete 1 Like Hi most. - No Change Am attracted to Leo the most. - No Change Have Sol on my mind most. - No Change 2 Can I take something so important to you?- No Change Do you think it's going to fit me? - NoChange 23:27 Emergency text - Complete 1 Why the back entrance? - No Change Are you all there? - No Change 2 What's going on? - No Change Okay! - No Change 23:38 I've been waiting for this moment -Complete 1 I better tell Shallotte- - No Change I better go check on the rest of the guys. 2 Did you do this? - No Change You waited to see me? - No Change Did we meet somewhere? - No Change DONE - Now to wait till December for thecharacter routes! (you've now also unlocked the After Ending)! If y'all want screenshots of my records orwhatever, to compare collections lemme know!​​​
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