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[중요] QooApp 커뮤니티 보안관련
02-18 00:00
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01-19 17:03
01-07 02:09
To the people who cannot enter
I saw so many foreigners who couldn't enter the game due to IP ban but that shouldn't be the reason you guys will give low rate to this game. I felt worst about you guys' ratings because due to those ratings, even other players who can enter the game won't be playing by thinking this game is sucks just by seeing the rate. Look at the rating guys! what you guys have done! its 2.5 now. There are so many Japanese games or Korean games that you guys don't know which are IP ban in other nations. i feel so pitty on the game.. they just launched guys they just have launched. Just go somewhere to rate. Not here. I felt bad as a Korean that a Korean game got low rating just because of you guys. Use VPN. Find the way to play it first before you guys rate. Thank you. P.S: Why I'm typing this kind of note? Coz I almost didn't download the game but when I played it I like it a lot!
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2022-12-11 19:55
2022-12-03 06:53