Kotona-Taesone, Gyoda City RPG
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About This Game

Fantasy RPG with a Japanese aesthetic, from the storied Gyoda city, Saitama Prefecture!
An epic tale that begins in the town that surrounds Oshi Castle.
A heartbreaking story of love between a boy and a girl.
The first full-scale RPG app developed by a municipality!
Completely free from start to finish, with absolutely no in-game item purchases or ads!
No loot boxes! No social features! No MMO features, either!
Gyoda's wealth of cherished sightseeing attractions including Oshi Castle, Sakitama Shrine, the Gold-inlaid Iron Sword, the Sakitama Kofun Park, the ancient lotuses, and the Manyo poems?in RPG form.
Lavish dialogue scenes bring the story to life.
In the base game, the main characters' dialogue is fully voiced.
Local supporting companies appear in the game.
The app can also provide a tour of the city, with the use of GPS functionality.
Coupons that can actually be used in the city are posted.
Ginko, a young blacksmith living in the castle town of Oshi Castle, was leading a hectic but peaceful life. However, one day, he and his friend Sakyo took a trip, and wound up being dragged into a bitter conflict.
This is followed by encounters with a girl who has lost her memory, and with Princess Kai, daughter of the lord of Oshi Castle, as a sorrowful destiny unfolds before Ginko's eyes.
Then, as a strong will awakens within him, the boy takes up the sword.
Game data & Save point:
You can save game data in "shrine" in village and village.
Also check the next destination in this shrine.
Character voices:
In the base game, the main characters' dialogue is fully voiced. As the game contains over 4,500 words of voiced dialogue in total, the files containing the voices are very large.
For this reason, when you are installing the game for the first time, it is recommended that you use Wi-Fi to download it. Please be aware that depending on your connection, it may take approximately 3-5 minutes to download the game.
For the most enjoyable experience when listening to the voiced dialogue, using headphones or earbuds is recommended.
Voice Actors
Ginko: Kyousuke Motoshima
Kai: Mami Fujita
Ren: Akiha Matsui
Sakyo: Takahiro Yoshino
Wowake: Sara Matsumoto
Chrysanthe: Mirei Kumagai
GPS features:
If you go to the "Shrine where reality and fantasy intersect inside Oshi Castle, you will be able to send out a GPS signal from within the app.
Then, if you actually visit the specified locations and send a GPS signal, you will obtain a "Sakitama Crest." You can exchange the Sakitama Crests that you have collected for powerful equipment and items.
The locations specified by the game include sightseeing spots and public facilities in Gyoda. The game also includes a "City Tour Route," in which characters that appear in the game will guide you to all of the city's attractions. Please be sure to try it out.
We use this feature to collect information on the locations in which the app is used.
When using this app, please have your device set to allow the use of location information.
Coupons can be obtained by advancing adventure.
In-game purchases:
There are no in-game purchases or advertisements in this game.
You can enjoy the game for free, from start to finish.
  • i.get.gyoda.aya
  • 84.2 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 4.4+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.1.4
Updated: 2023-08-20
  • Kotona-Taesone
  • Kotona-Taesone
  • Kotona-Taesone
  • Kotona-Taesone
  • Kotona-Taesone
  • Kotona-Taesone
  • Kotona-Taesone
  • Kotona-Taesone
Language: Japanese
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