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About This Game

King's Raid is a mobile RPG that is famous around the world. It is ranked top 10 RPG in 69 countries where players can recruit epic characters to create their own raid gang!

Assemble your friends and millions of raiders worldwide to start your destiny!
◆No Random Chance Hero Selection
No more Gacha! Simply select to recruit your favs
High quality 3D characters with dazzling visuals
Customize your Heroes with various costumes and parts!

◆Raid your enemies for bunches of Loot
Become a true raider by defeating world bosses and dragons
Your glory will be compensated with bunches of loot
Dispatch Heroes to keep farming LIVE during Off-line

◆Real-Time PVP with pick and ban
Brace yourselves and claim the throne in the world arena
Raiders! Become a champion! Veni, Vidi, Vici

◆Dive into Fantasy
Every Hero has a story and so do you
Hero stories await you in the World Tree

◆Team up and wage Guild War!
Join or create your guild to assist each other
Team up to defeat enemies and seize glory!

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【Privacy Policy】
【Brand Site】
Free-to-play and offers in-game purchases.

[Required Permissions]
▶Essential Access Authority
- You need enough storage for 'Program installation & data saving in your mobile'.
▷ Mobile Status & ID Read
- Necessary for 'User account creation & confirmation'.
▶ Access Authority Cancellation
- OS 6.0 or higher: Settings > App Management > Select App > Authority > Cancel Access Authority
- Lower than OS 6.0: Access Authority cannot be canceled manually. It can be canceled by deleting the app.
  • com.vespainteractive.KingsRaid
  • 155.6 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.0+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v5.10.0
Updated: 2023-02-12
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
  • King's Raid
RPG Idle Voiced Dialogues PvP 3D Guild Battle Real-time
Language: Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese English Japanese Korean French Russian German Portuguese Spanish Thai Vietnamese
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Good game with great graphic(especially with many waifuable materialemoji) and enjoyable storyemoji(even thou it get kinda dark by end of chapter pandemoniumemoji), Sound is great tooemoji (i even sometimes open the game onlyto enjoy the ost haha), also they give you the choice to play auto or play manually (which i do most of time since auto never get you the dps your need to clear most content :v), and the character growth is manageable from start that i tried to speedrun the game by 7 hour to beat final chapter with my lvl 80 Seriaemoji(not included epilogue lol and without spending even one cent emoji)... well for those who can't manage their character and rubies it can be hell in certain stage like ch.4 or 5 thouemoji.
I ❤ the game it has an amazing graphics the sound is fine as well + i enjoy the characters theres a lot of lovebale characters in there the only good thing is you dont have to draw them only the weapons the story is good but at the end of the chapter it has a few grim stuff thats happening but ok
best f2p game
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Latest Update

[10th November Update]
1. Introducing the Battlefield of Ordeals content
2. Expanding the Rebel Clause Hero Dungeon
3. Hero balance adjustments
4. Improving certain contents and rewards
5. Adding Piece of Memory [Xerah]

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