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About This Game

Gold Rush Battler is a card game developed by MIXI. 
MIXI has decided to release the latest game of the Monster Strike series.

It was developed with the concept of combining ease of play and strategic gameplay, including features like "minimal waiting time," aiming to create a game that is easy and casual for anyone to enjoy. The player who earns the most coins will be the winner, and the game allows for multiplayer matches with up to four players.

There are various winning strategies, such as solely reinforcing one's own squares to increase profitability or actively attacking other players with cards. The game combines three elements: "strategic deck formation," "in-game decision-making," and "negotiation with other players," creating a battle where these elements intertwine.

There are reversal elements that greatly affect the game, such as powerful attacks called "Organic Attacks" that can be activated up to twice per play, as well as "Wild Cards" that have various effects, including dealing damage to other players' squares or capturing squares.
Even when playing with the same player, on the same stage, and with the same cards, each play will have different developments and create new enjoyment through a wide range of card effects, roulette outcomes, and each player's decisions.

Official Site: https://ms-grb.com/
Official Twitter: @goldrushbattler
  • com.mixi.goldrushbattler
  • 120.38 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.1+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.2.1040
Updated: 2024-01-19
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
  • Gold Rush Battler
Strategy Card PvP Monster Strike
Language: Japanese
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Gold Rush Battler Gameplay (ゴールドラッシュバトラー) - Android IOS https://youtu.be/7n14dV71rdQ
The game in its current state is a dumpster fire. Their servers are faulty and the game's code is not optimized at all, causing multiplayer, which is the game's main feature outside of being a card collector/ battler, to be next to impossible to finish even one game session without coming to a screeching halt. The game's frame rate drops into the negative digits during every match. While they may be working to fix the issues, it's a pitiful launch considering they did already have at least one CBT. May change my rating later if they fix the game. Edit: They did indeed improve their servers so I'm updating my score as of 8/15/23. leaving original comments for reference though.
I think it easy to play 20 turn so be like :10minutes plus++when I play and yeah my rank 3000pt:++:but I release now becuase I still spent my time to find new experience so thank you your game to ever make me have fun moment .and I like play when I free but some I play so much 3 hours time so may be I stress but These game is fun when you free becuase now have gift so much until end event .so Thank you so much . 《Form Name in game TDT now I delete but I wanna tell you sack Thank you to ever play with that's match very fun becuase I am be second when end game so now you are 1 000 000 up+++so thank you to ever play with me so much [So every time when I spent of that all come to be my important moment of memories so when I grow up to until old of long times of life That's time when I have grand son or not but I still return come to thing my important thing of experince. Nice to meet you frist time and wish you are every one should happy for every day of psychology Thank you.[不滿][憋屈][為什麼][難過][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][開心][開心][不滿]
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