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About This Game

Anti-Fairy Fantasy RPG
Open Beta has been confirmed on 6th July!

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Splendid storyline unfolds in the world of Tales Noir
- Re-write your story! Fight For Your Destiny with Princess Alliance
- Build your own team! 100+ Collectable princesses and princes from various fairy tales

Craft Your Own Castle in the Wonderland
- A warm place to call your own in this dreamy open world!
- Liberate your fantasy! Build up a magical castle upon your imagination

Attack or Defense: Conquer the enemies in Fierce Battles
- Bring home the glory from the brutal battlefield.
- Get curious and furious through the intense combat mode

Slash-em all in the mythic dungeons
- Explore in 20+ random dungeons and events every day
- Pick up your sword today with the unbelievably high drop rate
- Free market: trade or save the legendary gears, it’s up to you

Choose your path cleverly from 5 classes 10 branches
- Diverse classes with unique skills! From nobody to somebody
- Lively animation and voice over to fulfill your fantasy dream

Be the fashion killa and flex on em in ballroom dance
- Stand out from the rest with your stunning outfits and mounts
- Time to socialize! Find your special someone in our ballroom dance
  • net.pixelrabbit.ysq.qooapp
  • 1155.64 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.0+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.1.5
Updated: 2023-02-14
  • Tales Noir
  • Tales Noir
  • Tales Noir
  • Tales Noir
  • Tales Noir
RPG ADV Action Casual
Language: English (United Kingdom) Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Latin America) French (Canada) French (France) Russian German (Germany) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Spanish (United States) English (United States)
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played this game when it just released. while it certainly has its flaws, overall it was a pretty enjoyable experience. looking forward to returning to this story once more, I hope it improved upon things that weren't so great
love this game so far! its beautiful and the storyline is entertaining!
Very cute anime style open world MMORPG. Very nostalgic from the past popular mmos. Storyline can be very comedic and cliche though The game allows the player to choose their class which is something that I like a lot in games
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