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Akiba Maid War
Akiba Maid War
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About This Game

Akiba Maid War is the new trademark filed by Cygames in Japan as of May 10th.  The original anime about maids in Akibahara is set to premiere on October 6.The original TV anime series by Cygames and P.A. Works is set in 1999 and centers on Nagomi, a girl who came to Akihabara dreaming of becoming a maid. But little does she know the efforts that she has to put in to become one.

Cygames is known for 《Uma Musume: Pretty Derby》 and 《Princess Connect! Re:Dive》 , We are still waiting for Akiba Maid War official announecment.

Anime Official site: https://akibamaidwar.com/
Version: v
  • Akiba Maid War
Language: Japanese

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