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GetAmped Mobile (tentative)
GetAmped Mobile (tentative)
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About This Game

GetAmped Mobile (tentative) is a fast-paced online anime-style action game in which you can take on players from around the world. Characters are fully-customizable, meaning you can create the perfect character to complement your play-style and personality!

A wide variety of weapons and accessories are available to enhance your character’s strength. Avatar parts can also be changed, allowing you to create your own, unique character. And, if that wasn’t enough, you can even use the skin editor feature, with a range of drawing tools, to create your own skin from scratch!
Play through the story mode to learn more about the GetAmped world and earn rewards, then face-off against other players in a variety of online play modes. Use the location-based matching system to battle people near you!

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  • GetAmped Mobile (tentative)
Action Fighting Game
Language: Japanese

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