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The Skull 2: Idle RPG (Devil King Raising Game)
The Skull 2: Idle RPG (Devil King Raising Game)
The Skull 2: Idle RPG (Devil King Raising Game)
더 스컬2 : 방치형 RPG (마왕 키우기 게임)
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About This Game

[This game is no longer in operation.]
The Skull 2: Idle RPG is an idle simulation game developed by Peoplug Inc. for mobile. In this game, the player will be on the devil's side and need to help the force of the evil grow. Make use of the idle gameplay to develop a strong army of devils and take over the world!

▶ Idle for 24 hours, RPG The Skull 2!
-The Skull returns to become the devil of an idle RPG!
-Save the existing advantages and upgrade the fun even more!
-Bloody battle!
-Collect charming heroes!
-Welcome to the Skull World!
-A Demon King Raising Game

▶ Easy and convenient IDLE RPG!!
-Raising footstool in the world map and tooling in the grave!
-Cute skeletons that bring you items!
-AFK, stay away from the keyboard! It takes care of it!
-Just leave the battle on, and raise the idle RPG until Skull becomes the Great Demon King!

▶ 144 or more characters, 240 or more treasures!
-Raise a variety of different characters for each of the demons, creatures, and deaths!

▶ Get tired of battle content and quick rewards!
-Obtain a treasure chest every 50 stages!
-Continue to climb the stage and aim for the top ranking.
-Once cleared, quickly and quickly neglect the place!
-Get rewards right away with sweeping in the dungeon and training in the Tower of the Dead!
-Like an idle RPG, rewards are easy, and battles are easier!

▶ The strongest person rules!
-Complete your own deck to grow as a demon king!
-Raise it until you become the best demon king
Developer Contact:
  • com.peoplug.skull2
  • -67.45 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 4.4+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.0.3109
Updated: 2022-02-08
RPG Raising Sims Idle
Language: Korean
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