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A Fantastic RPG for ACG Lovers
*Cute Allies and Fantastic Adventure Story
*RPG Cultivation and Team Fight
*Anime Lovers' Choice!

In 4003 AD, Sakura lives on the Earth, a lost planet abandoned by the nobles. But by chance, she is taken to the mysterious Candy Galaxy where sweet smells are all around. However, she has not realized there is a huge crisis approaching...

Faced with the sudden threat of the Sea Urchin Virus spread, Sakura incarnates as the savior, leading all her allies to become star healers, protecting the galaxy together.

【Summon and Cultivate Cute Characters】
The most adorable cultivating RPG! Here is the paradise for all collective players.

Develop different skills and talents of characters, pets, and weapons to defeat the Sea Urchin Virus and purify the Galaxy!

【Build a Dream Team to Participate in Battle】
Don't fight alone. Free team up satisfies full desires from strategic players.

The jelly-like bullets and cool combat skills bring unique feelings to players when fighting in various daily and limited-time tasks.

【Idle AFK Fight and Manage Your House】
Automatic Fighting lets you get rewards when you're afk.

In addition to fierce battles, managing everyone's home and yards can be SLG players' love. By cooking weird dishes referred to crazy menus, we have made simulation games different on this Sweetland! By the way, even dishes look strange, they have special effects for your characters!

【Immersive Adventure Storyline】
The more Sakura and her friends get closer to the truth, the more dangers appear... Explore the faction alliance behind the story, uncover the complex relationship of members, seek the truth, and experience a fabulous galaxy adventure.

Be careful, the boss who controls the Sea Urchin Virus is staring at all the Star Healers.

【Anime Art Style and Original Music Creation】
Pretty anime maids, a cool cross-dressing boy, fried chicken pets, cute briquette... Everything is beyond imagination. ACG lovers can definitely find their favorite combat partners here. Accompanied by the rhythmic and joyful BGM, battles are full of vitality!

*Dear Star Healers, the gears of your destiny have begun to run. Are you ready?

Please read carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
CS: starhealer@acngames.com
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  • 1628.12 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.0+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v2.0.4
Updated: 2023-05-19
  • Star Healer
  • Star Healer
  • Star Healer
  • Star Healer
  • Star Healer
RPG Raising Sims ADV Action
Language: English (United States) Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional)
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This game has a big potential to be a great game in the near future. btw, my luck in gacha is still the sameemoji
not only is the graphics really interesting, detailed and colourful, the music is really high quality and fun. gameplay (like all gacha games) is very easy to begin and there isn't a lot of action games that attract my attention like this one, the storyline is simple yet acts as the vehicle for the fun! it's not a neccessary detail but it does the job. the arena combat style feels stylishly done as you can move by holding any point on the screen.
I'm really loving this game so far! i love the art style and the character design. the music is upbeat and really REALLY good. The gacha is fairly generous and you can clear levels even with common characters. i do think the biggest appeal for me is how the character art changes after every major level up. i play the english version and theres quite a lot of translation that doesnt really make sense. it could be a problem if youre the type of player to put serious stock into the lore to enjoy the game. personally, it doesnt bother me too much. pick this up if youve got the room and find yoirself bored!
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