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This is a more casual strategy war game, where you can safely collect resources.
This game is a more casual strategy war game, it bid farewell to the endless confrontation between players in traditional strategy games! More emphasis on collaboration between players. The game integrates strategy warfare and card development gameplay, simulated business gameplay, team-dungeon gameplay, and designed an urban construction model centered on prosperity and civilization, and innovated a private territory that did not exist in previous strategy games. The new concept of safe collection. At the same time, players can also send business travelers to freely communicate with each other across continents, donate supplies, and prosper together and develop harmoniously!

[Exclusive territory, safe collection]
Facing a different world that is about to be destroyed, you, as the lord of the city, will become a candidate for the throne and have your own private territory. There you can collect, play wild, and defeat the bosses of monsters, farm safely without being disturbed, focus on improving the construction of the capital, and create your own new world!

[Develop civilization and build homes]
The fire of civilization is endless. After canceling the concept of combat power in traditional strategy games, we introduced the concepts of civilization and prosperity. As the heir to the throne, force does not determine everything. Therefore, rather than letting players fall into endless battles in the game and constantly pursuing combat effectiveness, we hope that players will help each other, spread civilization and develop cities, and build a prosperous new capital!

[Shuttle the mainland, free trade]
After canceling the traditional strategy game where players attack each others cities to plunder resources, we have opened up the runner gameplay of mutual trade between mainlands, six regions, 30 specialties, multiple runner paths, and real-time updates. Trade information, random events. Perhaps not every trade is smooth sailing, but risks and opportunities coexist, challenges and benefits coexist, maybe you are a business wizard in another world!

[Wasteland Experience, Relic Treasure Hunting]
Stopping in another world, exciting adventure links are also essential! We have opened a wasteland palace that can challenge ourselves. At the same time, as your main city hall level increases, copies of the ruins of different difficulties will also be opened for you. Whether its dangerous underground caves or desolate desert ruins, you can enjoy the fun of teamwork and multiplayer teaming, and find lost treasures in danger!

[Hero Development]
Three races, massive heroes, and legendary heroes with various characteristics, each hero has its own mission. They will accompany you all the way in your life in another world, and do their best to help you fight against enemies, fight against monsters, and win the crown!

[Territory War]
6 regions, 36 cities, and 36 legendary lords, this continent is full of wealth and opportunities, waiting for your conquest!
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  • 523.76 MB
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  • Android 5.1+
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Version: v8.7.0
Updated: 2024-03-18
  • Lord of the Other World
  • Lord of the Other World
  • Lord of the Other World
  • Lord of the Other World
  • Lord of the Other World
Idle Casual Strategy 2D
Language: Simplified Chinese Japanese Korean English (United Kingdom) English (United States) English (Australia) English (Canada) Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Hong Kong)
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I have played since launch, and have reached quite high ingame. If you played, you must have heard of my name. So I guess I can give a more through out review than someone who just try it for a couple of minutes. This game is a town building, and the main difference with other similar games is that you don't have to defend your town vs other players. Your opponent mostly is the monster in open world and dungeons. So no town expanding. Instead, you can focus on development, build a team, and fight other players in siege war and the arena. I won't say Im a f2p. but I don't spend much ingame beside battle pass and some cheap offer in prestige. No gem brought at all .Still I managed to be one of the top player ingame right now. With full 5 star teams. So yeah, not that p2w. Game is hard and confusing at first cause there is next to none tutorial. However, once you get a hang of things, building a team and trying heroes combo in the arena and vs npc is quite fun. The battle log is hilarious, especially with chaos involved. The dev is small, but they do listen and actively try to fix bugs and implement change to the game. Overall, the game is a good time waster, and have potential. Also, as at the latest update, we have a story mode. And now, the dev has decided the honey moon is over, and turn the game into a money grab.
Game play — Lord of the other world is an anime based Rpg game. choose a path of level-up upgrades for your character, combine them into squads. Every turn you need to make difficult decisions to bring your squad to victory with minimal losses. Combine heroes to create the best parties against different opponents. conquer the global map, taking province after province, dominating over the defeated nations. The characters are well designed. I like the story of the game.
you have to login with qooapp account? that's new for me FYI the game will be open at 29/03 02:00 UTC *edit the game postponed to 30/03 04:00 UTC
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Latest Update

1. Reset 330 hero skins (those purchased will be returned to skin rolls for re-selection) 2. Added new military technology 3. Added T6 soldiers 4. After recruiting heroes 1,000 times in the tavern, you will definitely get a custom hero 5. Exclusive weapon upgrade adds ruby to increase success rate operation 6. Cancel the limit on the number of donations to the alliance warehouse, and add the operation of clearing the alliance warehouse 7. Change the global high-quality network route

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