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About This Game

Top War: Battle Game is a strategy game developed by Topwar Studio. In this game, players become the commander of an army to lead their way to victory. The game supports multiple languages and is free to download and play. The game is available on both Android and iOS.

The highlight of this game is definitely the innovative merge system in this game. Traditionally, the upgrade of building or equipment in strategy games requires a long waiting time to complete. Top War: Battle Game's merge-to-upgrade gameplay overcomes this problem as the upgrade can be done immediately after merging. A considerable number of troops, buildings, and techs are featured in this game for you to unlock and utilize. This fast gameplay gives a whole new experience to players who are tired of the long waiting time.

The class system in Top War: Battle Game is a huge factor in your style of play and your plan of development. You can go all-out-attack by choosing the combat elite and enjoy dealing devastating blows to your opponents. You can also become a mechanic elite that is specialized in support moves and lead your army to success. When you get stronger, there are even advanced professions available for stronger and more unique abilities. All classes have their advantages and specialties, it is up to the players to explore and unleash their potential by trying out different combinations and strategies!

A variety of game modes are included in this game to make sure that no players will get bored. Server vs Server wars, Wild Monsters, War Robots, and Capital Throne Showdowns are game modes with different rules and objectives that are opened on a weekly basis. Players all around the world are able to join these events. Players need to formulate new strategies to cope with these ever-changing battles. Try to excel in all the game modes and become the best!
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  • 1324.89 MB
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  • Android 4.4+
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Version: v1.378.0
Updated: 2023-06-06
  • Top War: Battle Game
  • Top War: Battle Game
  • Top War: Battle Game
  • Top War: Battle Game
  • Top War: Battle Game
Strategy PvP
Language: English
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Top War: Battle Game เป็นเกมแนววางแผนกลยุทธ์ ฝึกสมองด้วยครับเห็นบ่อยในแอดโฆษณานะ แต่มันก็มีโฆษณาเหมือนกันนะเอ่อ วนหลูปดี 5555 เกมเล่นง่ายไม่ยากขยายๆ ตีๆไปเรื่อย ภาพและเสียงต่างๆทำออกมาได้น่ารักดีครับ ใช้ได้😝
no storyline that mean so crappy, I expecting this game have some sort story or at least characters story...
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