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[This game is no longer in operation.]
[The game server has been shut down on 31/08/2022. ]

Alice Closet is a fashion simulation game with illustrations provided by Phantom Thief Jeanne series' mangaka Arina Tanemura. In Alice Closet, you’ll be responsible for dressing and matching your dolls with your favorite outfits. Take to the stage and participate in world tour competitions where you’ll be showing off who has the most glamorous doll in your paradise!
  • com.dmm.games.alice
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  • Android 4.1+
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Version: v1.0.827
Updated: 2022-06-29
  • Alice Closet | Japanese
  • Alice Closet | Japanese
  • Alice Closet | Japanese
  • Alice Closet | Japanese
  • Alice Closet | Japanese
  • Alice Closet | Japanese
  • Alice Closet | Japanese
Simulation Voiced Dialogues Fashion Game
Language: Japanese
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Edit: I've found the solution, 1. Check if Qoo app is available for update 2. Delete Alice closet 3. Update Qoo app, 4. Download it back and install ___________________ Gameplay is Good but it Keeps appearing connection error, and laggy whenever it appears Graphics, 10/10 Amazing Characters, Nicely designed.
I really love this game it's the same as love nikki❤it's cute There's nothing bad about it
This game is basically the same gameplay as Love Nikki, but with a different art style. If you're familiar with Arina Tanemura, the shoujo manga artist and also character designer for IDOLiSH7, she is the artist for this game as well and so you would probably recognize her art style in the characters. It may not have as much clothing yet as Love Nikki, but the clothes they do have so far is super cute if you're into more fantasy or elegant gothic lolita styles. Sadly there is no male character to dress up, but just like LN there is the option for a tomboy-type character named Snowdrop, shortly after the beginning story in the game, who can sort of pass as a very young boy. The story seems to be revolving around your 4 characters who you can dress up separately and have different preferred fashion style, who are dolls. Think Rozen Maiden, where the dolls are sort of alive, but they dress up instead of fight. One feature aside from the storyline I noticed unique from Love Nikki was that there is another gameplay mode, though it's limited times per day, which is more like Style Savvy/New Style Boutique kind of gameplay where you fit NPCs into clothing fitting their request. I thought that was pretty neat. Other than that, it is basically like a more EGL-focused more anime-style reskin of Love Nikki.
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