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Bungo to Alchemist
Bungo to Alchemist
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Bungo to Alchemist is a simulated life game that features great authors from history. Players have to lead a team of authors and enter the world of books to fight against corrosion.
  • com.dmmgames.bunal
  • 84.46 MB
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  • Android 5.0+
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Version: v1.1.53
Updated: 2023-11-23
  • Bungo to Alchemist
  • Bungo to Alchemist
  • Bungo to Alchemist
  • Bungo to Alchemist
  • Bungo to Alchemist
Simulation Raising Sims For Girls Voiced Dialogues Adapted from Anime/Manga Atmospheric Historical
Language: Japanese
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This game really helps me learning about japanese writers and their works in college😂 thanks to this game😂😂
Very F2P friendly and easy to pick up, even for non Japanese speaker, you can look things up on the wiki. Top tier characters (some of my beloved are Odasaku, Ango, Dan, Lovecraft and Koizumi). I love the tidbits of history and references to anecdotes relating to the writers. The game even encourages you to dig even further about the authors outside the game. And God I love the BGM of this game! also got better at reading kanji for some reason!! I recommend BunAl to everyone !! \(^o^)/
I see Ookawa Tooru and Seki Tomokazu, I press like 😍👍 Edit: 1. I've edited my rate bcs they collab with SenBSR.. Sankyuu staff!![開心] 2. Post Big Update: Dun ask me why..
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