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Strange Rock Roulette Treasure
Strange Rock Roulette Treasure
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About This Game

In a mysterious corner of the world, there is an ancient relic known as the "Strange Rock Roulette". This place is full of mysteries and treasures, attracting brave adventurers to explore. The player will play the role of a brave explorer, delving into the ruins of the Strange Rock Roulette, solving puzzles, and searching for hidden treasures.

Players need to explore the ruins, collect clues, solve puzzles, and gradually deepen their knowledge of the ruins.
During the puzzle-solving process, players need to find and collect the scattered treasures in the ruins to piece together the complete treasure.
Players may encounter dangerous traps and need to overcome difficulties through luck or puzzle-solving.

In short, "Strange Rock Roulette Treasure Hunt" is a game that combines adventure and puzzle solving. Through deep exploration of the ruins and the process of finding treasure, players will experience a thrilling adventure and feel the joy of finding treasure. In this world full of danger and opportunity, how will you choose to become a legendary explorer or bow out in despair?It's up to you!
  • com.sdkjhfqkhk.pop
  • 23.25 MB
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  • Android 8.0+
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  • Yes
Version: v1.0
Updated: 2023-11-28
  • Strange Rock Roulette Treasure
  • Strange Rock Roulette Treasure
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