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Strategy RPG! Battle with Style!
Venture into the Otherworld... Stand against the Invaders! The formidable [Apocalypse] has infiltrated reality, its "α virus" gnawing at our existence... Inspectors! Warriors! Unite to defend our Skyline City! Your strength will never falter!
Game Features:
Cyber Rebellion, a cyberpunk-themed strategy and Hero Collection game, offers top-tier visuals and innovative gameplay to quench your cyber cravings!
【Gritty Cyberpunk Apocalypse】 In 2177, humanity steps into the Cyber Era. The malicious force [Apocalypse] unleashes α viruses, destabilizing order. Skyline City stands as mankind's last refuge, where you join forces with Warriors and other Inspectors, defending against the Invaders and preserving humanity's final stronghold.
As Skyline City's commander, are you ready for battle?
【Varied Strategic Combat Modes】 Face off against the villainous [Apocalypse] on the shifting battlefield, rebuild territories, protect the homeland, raid supplies, and challenge world Bosses! Immerse yourself in intense cyber combat now!
【Diverse SS Warrior Collection】 Reconstruct - Collect gifted warriors! Armed with hundreds of futuristic sci-fi weapons and unique skills, these warriors deliver mind-blowing spectacle in battle. Stunning visuals and revolutionary weapon abilities await your discovery!
【Unique Character Upgrade System】 Customize each warrior's evolution: Advancement, Prosthetic Transplant, Spiritual Reform, Skill Improvement... Forge your strongest team through myriad strategies!
【Tactical Team Formation】 Outwit your enemies! Customize your ultimate squad setup: Align your team formation, make informed decisions each round, reconstruct to recruit new warriors... Craft your best combinations!
【Engaging Community Events】 Embark on your Skyline City journey, unite with allies on the battlefield, compete and collaborate with Inspectors worldwide. Don't forget to claim daily rewards to ease your adventure!
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  • 1055.2 MB
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  • Android 5.1+
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  • Yes
Version: v0.9.0
Updated: 2023-11-16
  • Cyber Rebellion
  • Cyber Rebellion
  • Cyber Rebellion
  • Cyber Rebellion
  • Cyber Rebellion
RPG Turn-based
Language: English (United Kingdom) English (United States) Spanish (Spain) French (Canada) French (France) Russian Chinese (Simplified) German (Germany) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Thai Spanish (United States)
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The game is ok. Not superb tier, but not bad either. After I played for several hours (now my game account lvl 21) didn't find any bugs. Gameplay is good, character design is very good. Character development system is ok, especially the part where player can upgrade b-tier character to sss-tier character, but half of the characters roster are those 'upgrades'. Storyline of the game is ok, a bit similar to Cyberpunk 2077 story in the beginning, but after some chapters it will change. Sound is the weak spot of this game. Soundtracks of this game just average and characters lacking some good voicelines. Overall Cyber Rebelion is a good game 7.5/10
Dat ass, that's pretty much it....not much culture but if cyberpunk is your thing it's aight.
pretty good but basically the same
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