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Maiden‘s Haven Academy
Maiden‘s Haven Academy
Maiden‘s Haven Academy
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About This Game

Strategy placement card collection game
Maiden‘s Haven Academy is a Strategy placement card collection game game developed by Polar Bear Game.

The 'Maiden Continent' is a territory formed by the assembly of seven vast landmasses, where the maidens of the land lead peaceful and serene lives. However, one day, suddenly and at the far end of the 'Maiden Continent,' a massive interdimensional rift appeared above the Winter Peaks. A horde of creatures emerged from the rift, advancing towards the 'Maiden Continent,' causing widespread destruction and attacking numerous innocent maidens. The 'Maiden Continent' is now facing an existential catastrophe. Who will become the savior of this land? Come to this beautiful and fantastical world to rescue the maidens!


【Game Features】

Hundreds and thousands of diverse Valkyries await your collection~
Lolitas, mature women, and young girls, they're all here~
All characters come with special Live2D animations~
Receive a free SSR Valkyrie after logging in for 7 days~
Various exciting events await your participation~ Abundant rewards will leave you overwhelmed~
Claim deluxe rewards every day just by logging in~
Legendary heroes from different time and space arrive: Three Kingdoms, Gods of Fengshen, Journey to the West, Warring States, nothing is impossible for you~

Here's a preview of the Valkyrie lines:

Huang Yueying: "Have you seen enough? You can get closer if you want to keep looking."
Sun Shangxiang: "You don't need to think about helping me; seeing you is satisfying enough."
Cai Wenji: "Don't move around; I'll get shy."
Bulianshi: "It's ticklish; please stop scratching."
Dong Bai: "All wet; it's really annoying."
Lv Qilin: "Don't move around; you'll mess up my neatly arranged clothes."
Zhuge Liang: "It's so hot; looks like I need to take off my coat."
Zhou Yu: "Do you like my outfit?"
Guo Jia: "Calm down, master; let me play a tune for you."
Sima Yi: "Hmph, don't touch; this is my new outfit."
Cao Cao: "Don't touch where you shouldn't."
Liu Bei: "I'm taking a nap; be gentle."
Sun Quan: "Have you seen enough? You can get closer if you want to keep looking."
Zhang Fei: "Trainer, don't get distracted; watch me; good."
Guan Yu: "My skin seems a bit dry lately; don't look."
Zhao Yun: "I told you to touch the sword, not... hmph."
Diao Chan: "What are you looking at, or... what would you like to see?"
Da Qiao: "If I let you lie down, don't move around."
Xiao Qiao: "If you touch, the darts might fly your way."
Zhen Ji: "The clothes are about to give way; oh no!"
Zhang Jiao: "You've wrinkled all my clothes."
Huang Zhong: "You can touch here, but not my bow."
Wei Yan: "Can you fetch me a piece of clothing?"
Dian Wei: "Come here; what does it matter if the clothes get wet?"
Hua Tuo: "You seem a bit weak lately."
Meng Huo: "The stockings are a bit tight; can you help me change them?"
Yu Ji: "Follow the rhythm and move with me."
Lu Xun: "I love the feeling of soaking in hot springs."
Zhang Liao: "It's so hot; can you feed me ice cream?"
Jia Xu: "Give me your hand; do you like my voice?"
Twin Zhao Yun: "Not many can be liked by me; you're one of them."
Ma Chao: "Haha, looking forward to my taste?"
Pang Tong: "It's so itchy; please don't touch me."
Twin Wei Yan: "Ah, my body seems a bit out of control."
Twin Sun Shangxiang: "I still like myself this way."
Zhen Ji & Yu Ji: "This concubine will dance for you~"
Guan Ping: "What can I do for you?"
Twin Zhou Yu: "Ah, doing that won't make any sense."
Lu Bu & Zhao Yun: "Master, be careful not to get burned playing with fire."
Twin Da Qiao: "Master, did you like me?"
Xiang Yu & Liu Bang: "Hmm... this sensation here, it's better to remember."
Daji: "Lie down quickly; let me serve you."
Zhuge Liang & Ma Chao: "Ah, master, are you helping me put on clothes?"
Xi Shi: "Hmm... come play with me."
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  • 1496.07 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.0+
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  • Yes
Version: v1.0
Updated: 2023-09-15
  • Maiden‘s Haven Academy
  • Maiden‘s Haven Academy
  • Maiden‘s Haven Academy
  • Maiden‘s Haven Academy
  • Maiden‘s Haven Academy
RPG Raising Sims Idle Strategy Card Bishōjo PvP
Language: English (United States) Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional)
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Mr Qoo snuck another one in, didnt even see it on the game catelog, such a man of culture! The models could use a little polish with the L2D tho
Note: apparently they are banning players who are lucky in getting so many girls for the sole reason of "your power is higher compared to your current level" and getting a lot of girls and/or whaling bloats your power, so yeah, you get banned Graphics: 3/5 lewd? yes, but, bad l2d animations Sounds: 2/5 Gameplay:2/5 Atleast it has free skip function to all fights Storyline:1/5 Dont even think about it, everything is MTL Value:1/5 Shoves 100$ to 300$ packages to your face
i dont care you censored the menu home page, but pls dont censored in game
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