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Pixel wind mmorpg
* Multiple career choices, choose your favorite career to fight
* Players team up to fight with friends or passers-by
* Automatic combat / can also control the position of the character by yourself
* World Boss, all servers challenge the World Boss together to get rewards
* Challenge the copy, challenge the difficult copy to get rich loot
* Free trade, you can buy and sell with other players
* Build, create powerful equipment to improve yourself

The game content is continuously being updated, so stay tuned
  • com.OhMyPixel.TinyWorldGlobal.qooapp
  • 141.98 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.1+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.53
Updated: 2023-09-18
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RPG ADV Idle MMORPG Paid Games
Language: English (United Kingdom) Chinese (Simplified)
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Hmmm the game is easy and seems fun (day 2 player and counting). You choose from 5 different starting class (I guess the weapon and player builds vary), ehem: Warrior Archer Healer Pyromancer (not mage really) Thief Stats to allocate during increase is simple Str - for attack/defense Dex - for range attacks, crit and evade Int - for spell/skill damage up Mana - for mp/mp regen up \ Constitution - for hp/hp regen up / these two stats can be increased on fixed levels i guess In this game you will craft equipment using materials that the enemy drops. You will also upgrade equipment using various upgraders (for example copper ore to small copper sword, upgrade using copper upgrader, it's level increase varies per equip and give you a limit to when the upgrade can fail). You'll see your experience bar pretty easily. Level and Soul Level - these can have a difference of +/-7 max i guess, soul level requirements are used for learning skills active/passive ones there's a variation for each classes too. In-game money is the green gem thingy (soul gems). The combat is auto, watch as your character attacks the enemy on the field (which is adjustable from -- meaning random up to x1 to x5 enemies). The game comes in english too it seems and you can join with other players too. I just understood how to make new characters, but it's gonna need you to indentify the character's ID (can be seen in character info ingame as a 5-6 digit code) to open up a chara slot again. You can have upto 3 characters too use (all separate gameplay and inventories) Since i wanna test out all the classes too, so far i have used Warrior, Thief, Archer, magic classes not yet.. ;-;) it'll have to wait.
very good i think, when climbing dugeon, you dont need your team to enter with you, by that just need the present of strong player in team and you can control their char or afk to clear dungeon. Thats the unique thing of this game,
gone dps but the item price so high so change to mage
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Latest Update

1. Add: 1 new account-sharing skill for each profession, shared by all characters under the same account 2. Add: New character [Wind Spirit] 3. Change: Teammates of the Pyromancer skill [Fire Shield] will also enjoy half the effect. 4. Change: The lower limit of damage of some skills of Pyromancer has been increased.