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About This Game

Shoot&Loot! Adventure in the papercutting island.
The Papercutting Island is full of mysteries and wonders beyond imagination. When I first laid eyes on this world, I saw adorable aborigines, feeling déjà vu with story characters and unknown enemies... everything made me feel unbelievable.

I can't remember why I entered such a colorful world where I have never been before and I don't know how to leave. But all I know is that how I leave must be connected to the mysteries behind these aborigines.

[Manage Aborigines' Homes]
I have to help these aborigines in the Papercutting Island, exploiting their villages, so as to gain their affection and find a way to return to the real world by revealing the mysteries passed down among them.

[Meet Various Story Characters]
To gain support and assistance in battles, we will meet and have various characters as our teammates who are from different stories appear in the Papercutting Island in unfamiliar forms.

[Infinite Level Challenges]
Each battle level has a different variation with enemies constantly changing and unpredictable, which requires strong adaptability to complete the level challenge and uncover the truth of the world.

[Ever-changing Weapons]
Different weapons can be selected for battle against the ever-changing and powerful enemies. Whether it is using the fierce flaming cleaver to cut down enemies from the dock to the end, or using the deadly 98K to take enemies' lives from a long distance.
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Simulation Business ADV Action Casual STG Roguelike
Language: Korean English (United States) Japanese Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Hong Kong)