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Majo no Furo Life
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About This Game

Majo no Furo Life (The Bathing Life of Witches) is the project centers around witches, hot springs, and a calming life. It is scheduled to be released a smartphone game adaptation by NetEase Games.

The project aims to spread a laid-back and easygoing life while enjoying hot springs throughout the world, raising awareness of a hot spring’s healing properties, and various types of springs, kind of similar to what Laid-Back Camp does for camping.

The plot is centered around a character called Sapitetrue, nicknamed Sapi, who is a witch coming from another world and lost all of her memories, but through a chance encounter with a hot-spring-loving girl called Yunoka, she falls in love with the charm of Hot Springs.

Official Twitter: @majyofuro_game
Version: v
Download via Official Website
  • Majo no Furo Life
  • Majo no Furo Life
RPG Casual Bishōjo
Language: Japanese

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