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Homeland is a simulation game developed by Entrepreneur Game.

"Great, we finally don't have to wander around anymore, woo woo woo."
This is the heartfelt joy of a group of animals who have wandered outside for many years.
Here, you will lead them to an undeveloped island, through land reclamation, exploration and collection, order transactions, business expansion, to obtain rich material resources, to achieve prosperity from a barren virgin forest to high-rise buildings , to build a thriving dream city. Let the animals no longer be displaced, and live a stable and self-sufficient life from now on!

【Open map, diverse terrain】
The white snow swayed freely on everything, and the endless chill gradually blurred the boundary between heaven and earth.
The clear water reflects the cherry blossom trees, and the pink petals occasionally fall, causing layers of ripples.
The city has more than 3,000 buildings, factories, decorations, etc., placed on the snow and water, it will show a beautiful artistic conception!
In addition to the basic terrain of water and roads, terrain levels such as grass, sand, snow, and ice are added to meet the fun of decoration in four seasons! bang! look what i dug up There are treasures in the world map, let's go treasure hunting together.

【Animal cultivation, illustrated book collection】
City construction needs to recruit more animals, and animal-specific specialties can be used as part of the online activities such as factory production, pioneering, building construction, and fishing. But if you want them to work, you must live in an animal apartment.
Giraffes like to watch the sunset with their mates, so he opened two skylights at home to look at it.
Penguin doesn't buy TV and refrigerator at home, because she is the TV and her partner is the refrigerator.
Sloths are famous road idiots, they can never find their way home...
Animals with unique personalities shuttle around the city, welcome to tease!

【Management system, idle gameplay】
The factory tree will grow a lot of delicious food! There are sweet and delicious pumpkin pies, mellow and rich coffee, soft and sweet strawberry sundaes... Take these foods to order transactions, and you can get a lot of gold coins and building materials.
In addition, there is a special order among the many orders, which is brought by the panda Dundun to trade when he travels around the world. It's very interesting to read Dundun's travel diary when you have time.
The game's development system is simple and easy to use. The upgrade and unlocking are all chosen by the player. The level tree can be upgraded and unlocked only by placing the research of animal residents. If you want to run the city well, you need to manage your time well and arrange animal work reasonably!

【Common construction, merging of homes】
There is a common construction method in the game setting.
Players can entrust their friends to decorate their own city. After unlocking the family, they can invite family members to merge the home island, and freely build and show the charm of the family together. Every member of the family can obtain rich decorative resources through mining, business running, fishing, and expeditions to obtain family contributions.

【Individual decoration, high degree of freedom】
You can DIY the player character image, city, home courtyard and interior. Whether it is a road, a chair, or even a grass, you need to build it. There are all kinds of indoor and outdoor decoration themes in the game. Outdoor magnificent ocean, summer beach, romantic wedding... indoor forest style, girly style, etc., one-click to solve the trouble of not knowing how to decorate!
Finally, follow your heart, according to your ideas, boldly build your own city!

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Customer service email: mhzc@acngames.com

*This software does not involve any plots, and is classified as general-level according to the game software classification management method
* The game provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items
*Please pay attention to the game time and avoid being addicted. Name of operator: Mofang Digital Information Service Co., Ltd.
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  • 131.06 MB
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  • Android 7.0+
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Version: v1.1.5
Updated: 2023-12-23
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
  • Homeland | Japanese
Simulation Idle Casual Kawaii Collector
Language: Japanese
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