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About This Game

Cubic Stars is a Gyroscopic Shooting Game developed by MIXI. This game is a spin-off game based on the Monster Strike IP, and in this game, the various characters and monsters of Monster Strike have been sucked into a Pandora’s box! To try to rescue them, the remaining characters created two spaceships to dive deep into the box, which is turning other monsters into cubes!

The game is described as a simple-to-control multiplayer game where you control a character standing on top of a moving platform, shooting at enemies using the phone’s Gyroscope. The game features game modes with up to four players, letting you enjoy this casual shooting game alone, or with friends!

▍Cubic Stars Worldview
One day within the world of Monster Strike, Pandora’s box suddenly opened up by itself, sucking in various monsters and characters from the Monster Strike world, before closing itself!

Worried for all of their friends, the remaining team of characters including Pandora, Nostradamus, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, and Solomon decides they have to investigate, but doing so by opening the box themselves will cause them to also get sucked in. To make sure they can enter the box without a hitch, they decide they’ll need to create spaceships to enter!

After much planning, discussions, and sharing of ideas, the team manages to create two ships! To gather information on the insides of the box, the first team is sent out to gather intel, while the second team remains at the base to relay information and support.

After the first team enters the box, they relay that many of the monsters are missing, and in their place are these cubes shaped just like them, but they can’t move, suddenly the transmission from team 1 is suddenly cut!

With nothing else to lose and a mystery waiting to be discovered, the remaining team decides to also dive into the box to save their friends and bring everyone back to the world of Monster Strike, and so begins a new grand adventure!

▍Cubic Stars Gameplay
The game is a gyroscopic 3D shooter, where you can control one of the various characters from the Monster Strike series, blasting away at foes by aiming at them using your phone’s gyroscope. The game is described as a casual shooter that can be played solo, or with up to three other players.

The game’s story will be fully voiced as the characters explore the world inside Pandora’s box, and as you play you’ll be able to rescue, and recruit more characters from Monster Strike to join you to help even the odds and save even more of your friends!
  • com.mixi.cubicstars
  • 119.4 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.1+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v2.0.0
Updated: 2023-09-15
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
  • Cubic Stars
RPG STG Monster Strike
Language: Japanese
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Cubic Stars Gameplay キュービックスターズ - Gyroscopic Shooting Game Android IOS https://youtu.be/UcgXrbPAPX0
Once u change to d pad this became very bland very base game there's also no point to use a gyro it doesn't fit the playstyle nor it's design Not bad but not much there's design of using the cart to separate/gather the whole team is somewhat unique but it provide some manipulation while isn't really making the game more fun or enjoyable not like having better skill matters anyway optimization not good really nothing special
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