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End of Machina
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About This Game

End of Machina is a boomerang warp action game developed by Ozumikan Games. It is expected to be available on PC ( Steam Platform) and Android / iOS .

In this game, you can use two joysticks to throw and transform, and overcome various enemies and traps from the starting point.

I am alive. A fragment of the world that once existed. A mossy, junk-filled star.
A fairy tale from ancient times.
I don't understand anything. I can't comprehend anything at all.
Even so, this world that has come to an end is the place where I live.

Power to cut through time and space
Makina is given a shining blue sword enshrined in the village.
This sword contains a power that can throw the blade and instantly teleport it to its destination.
The source of this power has yet to be fully understood.

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