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Earth: Revival | Japanese
Earth: Revival | Japanese
Earth: Revival | Japanese
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About This Game

Earth: Revival is an action game developed by Nuverse Games.

This is the Japanese version, there is also a Chinese version.

In this game, players need to collect various resources, fight against different enemies, and build their own homes.

"When that the alien fleet invaded us, our weapons had completely no teeth… In front of them it was like a barbarian throwing stones or sticks at the heavens.

Then humanity resisted desperately, but countless lives were buried with the city. Still, the remaining “Polarian” forces infested with vicious and brutal mutants, and even the rampage of the “Tidal” organization that rampages even more...

The last hope hoped was us, called "Fire species". "

【Ravaged Future Earth】
2112 Earth, devastated by the mysterious strange alien “Polarian”. Plants and animals mutate to become a threat to humanity. It’s last hope – the equipment of futuristic technology, weapons and battle suits, as well as our survivor. Use them to restore the glory of the Earth with this hand!

【Expansive Open World Exploration】
The game offers an open world exploration through large areas with swamps, deserts, city ruins and snow-capped mountains that change according to time and weather. There are variety of enemies based on the area, more mystery solving, mini games, hidden treasure chests, etc. Long distance prints your vehicle from your micro device! Allows you to appear instantly and allows you to move smoothly.

【Collect, craft, cook and build】
Gather wood, ore and ingredients as you explore areas filled with alien and hostile organization, craft and craft items, cook and build your home shelter. Items, cooks and shelter are going to be your important lifelines to protect us. Race through a vast lands to collect unique resources for each area!

【High-tech weapons and special battle suits】
Craft and battle future futuristic high-tech weapons. Whether you want to fight remotely with a firearm, or directly smash opponents with melee weapons, choose from 10+ weapon types that suits your fighting style! Skills are unique to weapons and you can play freely!

Also, you can strengthen yourself with Battle Suit during battle. Mr. Masaji Kawamori is assigned to the special battle suit designer of this game! A battle suit that is both visual and practical, giving you a high-end combat experience that you can't have imagined!
Except for the battle suit, it also supports interesting pets! Choose your favorite friend from more than 20 different pets: unique shiba inu, kitty, cat, owl and rabbit. By strengthening you, you will become an indispensable partner in the battle.

【Face up with friends】
With other survivors, they can also create a set of artificial islands with 4 to 8 people, and can work together to challenge strong enemies. Also, become a partner to live together in this ruined Earth by trading each other's resources, forming guilds, and communication.
Not only the threat of aliens, but also the struggle between different organization of each wonder. There are different PvP modes in the game. In a limited area, survivors must join forces with fellow survivors to earn extra supplies by fighting off other survivors in a limited area.

【High Quality Graphics & Sounds】
High-quality realistic graphics with detailed details. Global Illumination technology makes the game screen vibrant and fresh. Plus, the sound by Benjamin Wallfisch, who brought you many classic movie music like Blade Runner 2049, adds a real feeling. Supports both wide range of phones, PC and controllers, regardless of device! Stay tuned for dynamic immersive experience!

© Nutverse
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  • 1208.99 MB
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  • Android 5.0+
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  • Yes
Version: v1.6.39
Updated: 2023-10-26
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
  • Earth: Revival | Japanese
Action MMORPG Fantasy
Language: Japanese
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Here's my review for the game. Enjoy <3 Storage Size: 9.49 GB (wow) Genre/Theme: A science-fiction/futuristic-themed MMORPG game with realistic graphics. Story: Unfortunately I can't read Japanese, so I don't know. I guess you could use a translator app? Gameplay: Standard MMORPG gameplay but manual instead of auto, which I like! You do quests and attack enemies by shooting at them. Your attacks even have a manual aiming system that can be sometimes frustrating, but usually super fun :) Thanks for reading [開心]
It wouldn't let me play for some reason idk..[不滿]
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