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Horcrux College | English
Horcrux College | English
Horcrux College | English
Horcrux College | English
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About This Game

Thank you for your attention! This is Aojiao Studio!

In 2X48, the development of AI was highly prosperous.
The sudden appearance of some mysterious code makes the AI command system collapse rapidly, the attack mode opens automatically, and the weapon points to the former owner
In the face of the most intelligent enemy, human's strong resistance by force is also difficult to support. How else can we explore the conspiracy behind the scenes, find out the boss behind the scenes, and protect our lives? The struggle with "Horcrux College" as an important interwoven point is beginning!

We have been looking forward to the attempt to combine anime and Idle game for a long time. Sorry for waiting so long
Although Horcrux College is a mobile game, the production team has not relaxed its polishing and requirements!

What makes us most proud is that we have invited Japanese Top CV such as Hanazawa Kana and Ai Kayano to dub, We are fascinated by the voice of mature, cold or sweet girls.
At the same time, many well-known anime painters in China have painted us characters with different personalities and distinctive characteristics, including school uniforms, pajamas, combat uniforms, theme clothes and many other beautiful skin.
In addition, we have created the action and Q version image for each character (the skin is also installed)It also has special effects and skill backgrounds, dormitories, gifts, etc. that meet the characteristics of each character! In addition, each character has a wonderful Q version postcard, which contains many interesting stories of the college.
Although it is a mobile game, it does not stop at simple AFK

★ Warm real-time screen, free communication and interaction
In the hang-up battle, the monitor can interact with all players through the real-time screen, discuss strategies, exchange ideas, and cheer on the beloved characters, all of which can be achieved through the warm screen system! ~W~

★ There are many ways to strengthen, and sleeping also has offline benefits
Make full use of your fragmented time. Of course, in addition to hanging up, we also carefully prepared the team exploration system and PVP system~

★ When the expedition is started, the monitor can collect all kinds of important materials, destroy the Al plan and save mankind at the moment of crisis through the plot instructions!

★ Multiple lineups and strategy combinations
Although it is a Idle game, senior players also have ways to show their abilities. Two different PVP playing methods can not only achieve the confrontation between the strong and the strong, but also harvest rich material returns.

★ Close interaction with roles
Each character has an independent dormitory! The monitor can not only decorate the dormitory according to his own preferences, but also enter the dormitory of each character for one-on-one interaction. Dressing, gift giving and chatting can all win the favor and love of the characters.

Leisure and romance. All for love!

Once again, the science and technology of Horcrux College is the first in the world!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxfcYXosTyABDrJQvRaOP_A
Ins: https://instagram.com/hunqixueyuan?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM=
Discord: https://discord.gg/X32ZkAg9yk
Version: v
  • Horcrux College | English
  • Horcrux College | English
  • Horcrux College | English
  • Horcrux College | English
  • Horcrux College | English
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