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About This Game

project code『ReOath』is a new project of “Kyogami to Otome”, a fantasy RPG web game developed by EXNOA and DMM GAMES.
It is scheduled to be released in 2024.
This game is DMM platform's 10th anniversary special project because “Kyogami to Otome” has won the most votes in "That game again! Revive request vote campaign" (あのゲームをもう一度!復刻投票キャンペーン) and decided to create a brand new game.

In the original story of Kyogami to Otome, the game is set on an imaginary world named Frestonia where only dawn exists. 
Players battle with Kyogami in a status of not knowing their identities and background.
This is not a game with set story but requires players to collect hints, predict and create this fantasy world when the game moves on.

Version: v
  • project code『ReOath』
Strategy Bishōjo
Language: Japanese

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