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About This Game

Collect & Upgrade The Angels! Battle With Your Friends!
Fantastic Idle Strategy RPG game! Collect and upgrade your angels, battle with your friends!


1. Fight alongside anime angels
Summon and collect 100+ fascinating angels from ancient mythology of the western and oriental world.
They are waiting for you to awake and lead them to fight against the evil force.
Interact with gorgeous angels and establish exclusive fates to figure out the secret behind them.

2. Easy to foster angels and make your perfect angel team
Multiple features including gears, training, artifact, vow with angels are provided for you to train angels as your wish.
One-tap gear level-up makes your angels shine in the battle.
Pick your favourite angel to create the most powerful line-up!

3. Daily quests with abundant rewards
Bored at home? Feeling lonely?
World BOSS & Adventure Encounter. One-tap dispatch angels to claim benefits.
Lead angel squad to adventure in secret world!

4. Free your hands for idle battles
Too busy to log into the game? No time to train the angels?
Just enjoy the idle game anytime and anywhere! Claim gems and EXP for the next login.
Easy to upgrade angels. Exert your line-up strategy. Get ready to join the epic war!

5. Player PK & Guild Challenge
Competent with rivals from all over the world in Conqueror of Legends.
Fight against strong opponents to seize you domain.
Fair guild competition. Come to show your strength in PVP&GVE&GVG.
  • com.mujoysg.hxbb.qooapp
  • 417.22 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.0+
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  • Yes
Version: v4.24.5.092302
Updated: 2022-09-26
  • Idle Angels
  • Idle Angels
  • Idle Angels
  • Idle Angels
  • Idle Angels
  • Idle Angels
RPG Idle Card Turn-based
Language: Korean English (United States) Spanish (Spain) French (France) Russian Chinese (Simplified) Vietnamese German (Germany) Japanese Portuguese (Portugal) Thai Indonesian Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Hong Kong)
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2022-09-19 22:38:29
been enjoying this game a lot before its appearance on qooapp. super fun. needs to have an 18+ version, some of these girls are thrusting their crotches at the screen so we need it emoji also, please allow us to continue our progress from google accounts
2022-09-27 00:16:44
Looking forward to having more events. But so far the game is fun enough 😜
2022-09-23 17:39:22
emoji玩游戏不玩防止天使,就像沙盒不玩迷你世界,追星不追肖战,读大学不读宁波工程学院,打篮球不看落山鸡糊人,生活区不看lex,学跳舞不看党妹,读书不读唐家三少,看新闻不看观察者网,moba不玩王者荣耀,看日漫不看我的英雄学院,vtb不看桐生可可,哔哩哔哩不关注陈睿,说明这个人文学造诣和自我修养不足如果你早上吃饭香甜,那一定有米桑的艰苦付出。 如果你晚上大便不通,那必定是腾讯在从中作梗。他理解不了这种内在的阳春白雪的高雅艺术,他只能看到外表的辞藻堆砌,参不透其中深奥的精神内核,他整个人的层次就卡在这里了,只能度过一个相对失败的人生
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Latest Update

【New Content】 1. Added more displays on the Airship in Chaotic Realm: (1)Add the countdown interface for the Airship's arrival (2)Add the remaining refresh time interface for the Airship