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Echocalypse | Japanese
Echocalypse | Japanese
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Echocalypse is a Kemono Girls ⅹ Doomsday World-Anime RPG developed by Yoozoo Games.

"The world shall be upended, humanity shall evolve, and finally the Ancient One shall return to the mortal realm." -- Book of Falco
Greetings, Awakener. Welcome to Teslovik. The Calamities prophesied in the ancient texts had come to reality in this post-apocalyptic world, putting humanity to its greatest trial in millenniums. With your kemono girl companions, you will go against disasters and lurking dark forces to seek the Relics secluded in history, liberate your little sister from her seal, and uncover the truth of the world!

The Origin
The dark green rain fell and sprung ever-bustling sprouts on the skin. The white storms swept and turned all life that it scoured into crystals. The orange haze crept and immolated any men that stumbled upon it. One disaster came after another, and the world was no more. When the survivors emerged from their shelters, they realized that the true disaster was not over. It had only just begun...

After the disasters, a new particle element appeared in the air and the soil -- Echo Crystals. Upon contact with the human body and other materials, it will act as a catalyst and trigger a fusion between the two. Long, numerous experiments and researches discovered that by using it to fuse humans and animals together, the body will be immune to its further effects. Those who made it through the process became Cases, the only hope for the subsistence of humanity...

Prepare for Battle
As the Day of Return of the Ancient One prophesied in the ancient texts approaches, the mystic order of Rasparta is also gaining strength. They might be behind your sister's disappearance. Awakener, set up a squad immediately, and recover Mana and the Relic Fragments hidden by the different factions. Resist the corruption of the Ancient One, and develop yourself to become truly formidable. Your trustworthy kemono girl companions will always be by your side, together you'll save your sealed sister and uncover the truth!
Grasp your fate and go forward!

[Grand VA lineup]
Yoshimasa Hosoya, Sora Amamiya, Rina Hidaka, Misato Fukuen, Hisako Kanemoto, Yumi Hara, Asami Seto, Sumire Uesaka, Chinatsu Akasaki, Mai Nakahara, Minami Tanaka, Reina Ueda, Maki Kawase, Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Shirashi, Yuka Iguchi, Ayane Sakura, Chiwa Saito, Fairouz Ai, Yoko Hikasa, Junko Minagawa, Mamiko Noto, Naomi Oozora, Mariya Ise, Mikako Komatsu, Mutsumi Tamura, Marina Inoue, Chika Anzai, Satomi Sato, Sayaka Oohara, Riona Imaizumi, Anna Yamaki, Misato Matsuoka, Aoi Inase, Saran Tajima, Yuri Usui, Hikari Kubota, Shiori Kurosaki, Kanon Fujimura.

  • com.yoozoo.jgame.jp
  • 966.07 MB
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  • Android 6.0+
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  • Yes
Version: v2.0.60
Updated: 2023-11-21
Download via Official Website
  • Echocalypse | Japanese
  • Echocalypse | Japanese
  • Echocalypse | Japanese
  • Echocalypse | Japanese
  • Echocalypse | Japanese
RPG ADV Bishōjo
Language: Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese English Japanese Thai Indonesian
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It's the same as the SEA version of the game in terms of how censored/uncensored it is, very cultured. I was hoping to see a nipple in the JP version, but one could only hope. [不滿]
I like this game, the waifus are really gorgeous, but the skins are kinda expensive
Nice intake on used concept, although definitely not a great game, it is something that I prefer to play. Skipping mobs(Non-named characters) battle WITHOUT the need of actually clearing it once is quite a good idea, and saves a lot of time. Too bad the game aren't that "Energy Efficient", so barely can clear tutorial on a single go. The voice and sound synchronization requires a bit more work. For the voice, I am not saying the VA ruins it, but feels like something is missing. For the music, its is good; but kind of need more balance in-between, moreover upon transition. The SE, probably need rework. It felt as if its been reused all over. Three of the major cons here is: 1 - When your game profile level up, your energy doesn't recover, or only recover a bit. Also it is capped at 100, and will never goes up(yet). 2 - Game locks a lot of feature, to access them all we need to be at least on Lv50(probably). I am still at 25 currently. This includes what gacha that can be rolled, I was sure it was story locked, however. 3 - Most of the 'skins/character's outfits' by far, is only obtainable via the purchase of cash; and players are not allowed to purchase them by any other means. There is at least two obtainable via logins right now, however. (Aside from Protagonist's outfit) Well, if you're into 'free skins/outfits', and you're a F2P. I suggest you to leave this game out of consideration... Unless, you do have someone you truly like/simp for, and do wish to spend for her, I won't stop you. I plan on doing so, myself. 😅 Btw, have I mention that the UI can be in English even though we're on JP server? Yeah, we can have that in this game. That said, the translation maybe should be done better. I barely understand the twist of its story... As if things are just keep jumping around randomly. Then suddenly, the story just like, vanished around map10... And somehow "we're forced" to farm stuff. Which makes me wonder, why "ADV" even used. At this far, it feels like they're trying to follow what GBF does. I mean, by selling the outfits... But, right now I haven't seen they have anything major for 'how the game is good enough' for a large number of people. Some people would like it(Myself included), but I still doubt these number is enough.
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