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About This Game

Kirameki Paradise (Life Makeover) is a social simulation game produced by Archosaur Games where
you can create your very own avatar, customize dress-up and makeup, and you could even be a designer, from cutting to sewing, DIY a unique set of your outfit. Dream home, from locating to interior design, build the very home for you by yourself, invite your BFFs to have a party anytime, and chat freely in your space!

This is the Japanese version. 
Traditional Chinese version and English version (SG & MY) are also available.

Bring Your Dreams to Life - Inspire Life Makeover now with your shining free will!

Define your beauty, head to toe
Life Makeover breaks through the boundaries of character customization. You can modify facial features in much further detail, as far as even the character's smiling expression. We depict every element of cosmetics in great detail and reproduce a plethora of gorgeous shades for you to choose from. Furthermore, you can select from a variety of skin tones and body shapes, expressing your limitless personalities from within the virtual world.

Thousands of appealing outfits, free to match
Dazzling Gen-Z fashion items, magnificent and beautiful haute couture dresses, one-of-a-kind vintage outfits, refreshing and charming casual garments, and thousands of appealing outfits are waiting for you to pick. A game that fulfills your fantasies and expectations of beautiful clothes, styling to your own personal tastes.

Dust to best, design your own fashion
It's not only about choosing clothes. You could also design your own clothes. It is possible to make your own clothes from fabric all the way to the finished product, such as choosing fabrics to tailor and eventually sew. Pick numerous pre-set prints, and be free to enjoy the beauty and freedom that hand-making brings.

Create the dream home to your liking
With our Home system, you could build your own special home from the ground up including further decorating every section, and make it into a villa overlooking the sea, a luxury bungalow, or a tranquil farmhouse.
What's more exciting? Have a home party with your besties anytime at the very home built by yourself.

Social interactions and versatile gameplay
There is also an abundance of unique interactive experiences in Life Makeover's limitless universe. You can enjoy the companionship of cute pets in the comfort of your own bedroom, meet other players and invite your friends over to spend a peaceful afternoon tea together….

"Kirameki Paradise" official website: https://kirapara.archosaur.com/

  • com.archosaur.jp.yslzm.gp
  • 10.51 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.0+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.2.573
Updated: 2023-05-18
RPG Simulation For Girls Fashion Game 3D
Language: Japanese
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Before i get into a review, just a little bit frustation release ... Screw You MY&SG Dev for the IP blocked ... Review : -Story wise is kind unique (but not in special way), didn't expected some type of super power + detective style in simple way because of language barrier, difficult to understand the words, lucky for the Voice acting i could understand most of character was talking (quite confidence with my ear) a little bit downside for me is the "romance" story, didn't hate it just don't like it for fashion game (understandable from stand point with the genre of game) but i don't want play dress-up game just to impress the "husbando" .... 'm no gay but i'm here playin the game only for the fashion, so for the story i didn't really to focus on it ... (could tell you more about the story, but prefer not gonna spoiled it to much) -gameplay is pretty simple cause it is dress-up game not much to say, with this version is just release (yesterday) we got plantly stuff to do ... there is also housing system & a bit of Sims ... where we decorating our home and try to keep our character is so call "healthy" (eating & hygene (bath) only) -Graphic is stunning, lovely character + gorgeous clothing with the detail one of the main reason i'm hype for this game when it shown at CN version (origin development) -i cannot say anything from Music, i do turn on the music, but it is good or not, is it arrange nicely or not ... i'm not really the expert to giving the opinion ... Overall it's 4.5/5* it will be my all time favorite fashion games (unless there will be another one with more "step up" further then this) a little bit comparison (without downgrading another game) I do play Nikki before this, and i will say that when Nikki is out, the game already "next-gen" for the genre but from visual & character wise, this one is "step-up" (a bit) & also my type "cup" of tea" game more rather then Nikki PS : sorry with my rubbish Engrish, not my main language (pls don't bully)
waiting patiently for the global release, but in the meantime i can say that the game looks absolutely gorgeous! and the gameplay loop is something you'll be used to if you've played such games before.
beautiful game!!!
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