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TCG real-time battle game "Soul Faction" is officially launched! Now I would like to invite you to start the summoning journey on behalf of all the spirit maidens, whether you are proficient in psychological gaming, good at prediction and reasoning or have a passion and a lonely courage, please believe me, this will be a game that can impress you ......
This is a wonderful world where magic and technology are intertwined, and the friction between reason and courage is always on. No matter what choice you take, you will explore an exclusive path that belongs to you. In the most classic card game, feel the spark of thinking collision ......
Summoner, the magnificent and huge card system is full of unknown possibilities everywhere, so please be ready to gear up and stand by, and collaborate with your exclusive heroine to overcome all the obstacles along the way.

[Magnificent World System]
The worldview of "Soul Faction" is constructed based on the great and mysterious world mythology, the glorious and magnificent national epic. 7 card environments and up to 90 races are currently available, where all traditional and modern, natural and supernatural, known and unknown elements are skillfully outlined, giving a brand new life ......

[New Matchmaking Features]
Yingling team launched a new matchmaking mechanism based on the results of the classic TCG matchmaking card game, abandoning the alternating hand of the two opposing sides in successive battles. New synchronized deployment, card alignment system, amplify the uncertainty of the game and the possibility of game reversal, be careful of any distraction and inattentiveness!
It took several years and up to hundreds of thousands of games to polish and perfect the values, to give the players an answer sheet of fairness in the match.

[Thoughtful game benefits]
Soul Faction" is never stingy with the benefits to friends, you can choose 50 pre-group sets by completing the newbie guide, and receive the corresponding rewards by signing in daily. There are also many main line missions, pack code benefits, easy to receive 500 consecutive draws, must get three of the highest rare SSR cards!

[More understanding game players]
At the request of the majority of gamers, "Soul Faction" team together with Kanna Hanazawa, Rie Neiomiya, Ayako Kawasumi, Noto Mamiko and a number of top CVs to create 10 independent plot, character very different Ying Ling Nyang. Each spirit girl can be matched with different card deployment, please use your imagination, with the exclusive card system.
Yingling lady is waiting for your summons!
  • com.dragonclaw.tcg.qooapp
  • 410.17 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 4.4+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.18.5
Updated: 2022-07-15
  • Soul Faction
  • Soul Faction
  • Soul Faction
  • Soul Faction
  • Soul Faction
Strategy Card Turn-based
Language: Chinese (Simplified) English (Singapore) Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Hong Kong)
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okay this game is fun, good for f2p i just wanna say this game is play to win play certain card x times from faction/booster to get 1 ultra mythic of your choice at event tab at top right screen your main source for top tier OP card there's 5 rarity with 5 symbol common = white epic = purple rare = blue card are obtained via gift code only iirc mythic = yellow ultra mythic = red craft system? normal soul = to craft any rarity except blue mythic core = to craft yellow and red rarity *keep them rn ascension core = to craft upgraded ver for yellow and red rarity *keep them rn there is 8 hero, each hero could bring 2 different colour type at your deck example : lucifer holy/dark card etc there's 5 colour type archetype red : haste/fast can attack when summoned blue : control type green : ramping your mana dark : revive holy : heal what to do as newbie? dont spent crystal at gatcha, use it to buy 2nd,3rd 4th prebuilt deck then buy campaign story for guarranted 2 ultra mythic 2 mythic and bunch of epic card when you clear it.. 200 crystal = 1 unlock campaign you get 500 crystal at day 2 login and from monthly login 300 crystal = 2nd,3rd,4rd prebuilt deck since the 1st one are free priority order buy 2nd 3rd 4rd prebuilt deck for clearing quest all prebuilt deck is usefull but i recommend you nyar, elf spam revive lilith, voidborn red haste me go face arthur, knight of round that get +1/+1 when other creature attk brynhild, attk 7 times then summon god card like thor *just dont pick kyubi prebuilt then buy loki and hela campaign coz OP finisher the rest is up to you input those gift code from pinned timeline for a lot of pulls you get more than 200 pulls idk i forgot to count, ladder? as f2p i managed climbed to top 3 ranking by relying low cost deck with haste + 1 free artifact with effect gain 4 random ultra mythic if you dont have dupe ultra mythic in your deck, as finisher bot with fixed deck are plenty at low rank at upper rank it is player only there is arena/ similar like take 2 in shadowverse but it cost 5000 gold or 60 gems you need 7 win for ROI its big nah for me 5000 gold is worth 11 pull 450 per pull x 11= 4950 while any gems should be used for prebuilt and campaign for optimal choice as f2p you could use gold to buy gears if you want your hero to be a playmaker since you always draw it at turn1 life drain gear/ stealth is good tho or gain +1 attk when creature ded paired artifact paired with regen 2 exclusive for dark hero only transmigration gear is OP it give you 1 cost spell, target 1 ally creature when that creature died, it was sent to your deck/library instead however it cost 7000 gold for each hero each ranked wins gave you 800 gold for the first 8 wins, reset daily so 800x 8 = 1 day for 1 gear ez discord? most ppl talk with cn i cant read cn there's 260 member rn i only joined for redeem code reroll? you couldnt do it except you are using clone app bind system aint safe 3month ago i uninstalled 5 days ago i login with the same qooap account cant login into my old account until today phone broke? rip for your account lets hope this dev will create bind system cons = search card by name/trait feature is still buggy for en language sort card by cost/faction/booster is my only frens rn.. ign is mayuzumi at top ladder if you are curious edit : added discord link corrected some stuff https://discord.gg/mSC2Kh2qnP
It not bad game.Rewards and event give away free card by finish the task.It some time may lost connection duel battle.The art of card is nice too.I pretty like Lucifer girl version so i may stay a bit more time emoji.
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