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A Japanese small and fresh ACGN card game
In the future, the world population will explode and the earth

resources will no longer be able to support the large number of humans

-- a small war called plunder will break out.
  • com.ciyuanshaonu.rpg.en.qooapp
  • 1105.32 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 5.0+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.4.0
Updated: 2022-11-14
  • Clash Of Sky丨English
  • Clash Of Sky丨English
  • Clash Of Sky丨English
  • Clash Of Sky丨English
  • Clash Of Sky丨English
RPG Idle Action Card Bishōjo MMORPG Healing manga 3D Lolita
Language: English (United States)
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I see a lot of 5 star ratings wihtout any description at all. Did standards have plummeted or something? My first impression is, to put it lightly. It's probably just not for me. It's 1gb. The music made me sleepy. No voice sound other than the 1 generic atk sound so far. The font used feels so thin that it might be hard to read for some. Graphics, probably just a passing grade. Skill animation is probably average. There's also the obligatory press this button and stuff at the beginning. Sorry, but it just felt lazy. All in all, I can't really give this a 5 star. That's just too generous. I was supposed to give this a 3 star but it's hard to give it 3 star with this rating system.
Update 5: Game is dead. It's been months since I've heard back from tetania or Colby, so Customer Service is completely ignoring me. This game's servers got hacked twice (once in April, again in May) and there's no telling what information the hackers got since the devs don't COMMUNICATE WITH US. Go look at tetania's posted notes for how they handle their servers being hacked. They release gift codes that don't work, they don't try to fix the codes at all, they don't tell us what info the hackers got, and now they've gone completely radio silent. Even the facebook page is dead as the last update was in March. It's gotten to the point where they've even asked users to give them fake positive reviews to artificially boost the game's rating. Just look through the most recent Global comments. You'll see a ridiculous amount of 5 star scores with a single emoji in the review or one word like "fun" or "game". It's so blatant that it's actually kind of sad. This dev team does not care about you at all. It's so obvious when you look at how they've treated their players since the game released and how they don't give a damn if their game works or not. I personally want to see this game shut down and for the devs to be sued for using the Grandcypher and other stolen assets to make money for themselves. Then again, if this really is one of those cheap Chinese booba games, they'll probably face zero consequences, then disappear and reappear with the same BS at a later date. Regardless, steer clear of this dumpster fire. There are multiple games on here with even more fanservice and actual engaging gameplay. This one ain't it. Update 4: Still no response or status update on my account being wrongfully locked, but I did learn that this game uses stolen assets. The flying ship on the splash screen is the Grandcypher from Granblue Fantasy. This company shamelessly takes assets that other artists have worked hard to make, and just copies and pasted it into their s**t. If they sue the hell out of you I'm going to laugh. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. At least now I understand what happens when you really don't budget your game properly. You end up with 3 sound effects in the whole game, god awful music, and gameplay so boring and uninspired that you have to make your characters half-naked (or more) for anyone to even bat an eye at your game. Half the characters are probably stolen from another game that you're hoping nobody finds out about. Who can know for sure? It's not like you respond to your players anyway, especially when they come to you repeatedly with a problem. Update 3: They've accused me of using illegal programs/cheating? In a crappy idle game nobody's even heard of?? From this nobody developer who gets off from banning accounts for no reason??? If you put even half the effort into the game that you put into unjustly banning accounts, maybe this game would have more than 3 voice lines and you'd have an actual decent budget. Either tell me what illegal programs you detected me using, or unban my account and apologize for being an @$$ throughout this entire ordeal. Update 2: I've confirmed that the dev(s) locked my account specifically for no reason and refuses to respond to my asking for a reason. You're really going to suspend my account when I haven't cheated at all in your game (it literally JUST released) just because you don't like the way I call out your lack of communication. Stop being a coward and respond to me: why is my account locked? Give me a reason instead of blocking my account and running away like a little b***h. If you can't simply communicate with your players, you have absolutely no business being a mobile game dev, or a game dev in general. Update 1: I can no longer log in. It tells me "Skywalker account is locked". I've tried on WiFi and data. Either there's a new issue that needs to be addressed, or you're purposely locking out accounts that call out your crappy customer service since it doesn't seem like a connection problem. Very poor experience with this game and developer so far...
great art and smooth page transition. sound effect, VA and bgm could be better tho no sweep
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