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Legeclo: Legend Clover
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About This Game

Legeclo: Legend Clover is a simulation RPG developed by DMMGAMES. In this game, players need to collect and lead cute heroines to fight against the ferocious monsters called the Abyss.

A spectacular royal road fantasy SRPG is now available from DMM GAMES!
Command the heroes who have become beautiful girl characters and fight together!

A long time ago, the world was about to end with the evil monster Abyss.
However, the gods who lived on the moon reincarnated the legendary "Legend" beyond humanity and sealed Abyss with the earth.

A thousand years have passed since the battle, and the sealed continent of Abyss begins to emerge.
Crisis come again.
At that time, an ordinary young man who lived in the remote village of Windmill
Succeeded in summoning legend Jeanne d'Arc using his father's keepsake.

This encounter changed the fate of the youth.

★ All characters are beautiful illustrations of high quality, just cute and beautiful!
Summon beautiful girl heroes using magic jewels!
Let's embark on a journey to save the world with unique characters!

★ Let's improve the fighting power of the party with level x class x skill!
Enjoy it with a variety of training systems!
If you deepen the bond and raise your liking, you will be able to see a special character story ...?
Enjoy stories and tactics battles with many beautiful girl heroes!

★ A powerful battle simulation RPG that changes the battle situation in one square!
Even with simple tap play, the strategy is endless!
Organize a party with your favorite characters and confront the evil monster Abyss!
You can choose by strength or cuteness!
Enjoy easy and full-scale strategy simulation!

★ Link with DMM account!
Enjoy your smartphone, PC, anytime, anywhere!

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◆ Price App body: Free * Some paid items are available.
◆ Recommended Device
Android 6.0 or higher smartphone

  • com.dmm.games.legeclo
  • 162.37 MB
  • N/A
  • Android 8.0+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v2.3.0
Updated: 2023-11-23
Download via Official Website
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
  • Legeclo: Legend Clover
RPG Simulation Strategy Bishōjo
Language: Japanese
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why i can't download the file data even i got some space is someone got this error ? i alrdy changed my time to jst .
First of all if you can't play the game/forced go back to the title,change your timezone to JST. Now it's running smoothly I like this game because i basically love to play SRPG game. - Gameplay quite good although i'm still on early game. - Graphic,sound,VA all amazing - Gacha is decent They have H version for this game but i'm not playing there because i can't translate the game there. Overall it's pretty good game for this genre. If you don't like because of this "SRPG genre/gameplay",just pass this game. Don't be like a d*ck and put bs review because it's not ur taste They already put the genre on page details and i already told you in this review.
มันคือเกม Langrisser เวอร์ชั่นโมเอะดีๆนี่เอง แถมมี 18+(ก็ DMMอะเนาะ) สำหรับใครที่เข้าเล่นไม่ได้ต้องไปตั้งค่าเวลาให้ตรงกับของญี่ปุ่นก่อนนะ เกมนี้เกลือหนักมากพอตัว(เรตssr 1.5%หรือ2%นี่แหละ) เป็นเกมแนวผลัดเดินเป็นTurn ใครที่เคยเล่น Langrisser ก็น่าจะรู้จักดี แต่ตัวละครจะมี2แบบหลักๆคือ mainกับsupport เราสามารถเอามาจับคู่เพื่อเพื่มstatหรือสกิลพิเศษๆได้อีก และก็ระบบให้ของขวัญเพื่อเอาฉากอย่างว่า.........
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