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About This Game

Vtuber Baseball is a real-time baseball game developed by DAERI for mobile. In the game, the player can become a Vtuber that gains popularity by playing online 1v1 baseball matches. By getting more views and like for the channel, players can climb up the in-game ranking higher.

A game for Vtuber and Vtuber fans is finally here!

■■■■■ Game Features■■■■■ 
Become a Vtuber and stream your game play!  
Communicate with your audiences and get more views and likes!
Get a higher rankings by getting more likes in your channel!
Come and become the best Vtuber by winning the baseball match!

Home pages:

  • com.daerigame.vtbaseball
  • 71.32 MB
  • 411.31 MB
  • Android 5.0+
  • No
  • Yes
Version: v1.1.13
Updated: 2021-09-27
Sports Baseball VTuber
Language: Japanese
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First Comment [色色] I Love FUBUKI 4ever
Ok, if you have played Bourin and Queen's Arrow, then you will like this. A solo play, no teams. I gave it low ratings because of no offline mode unlike the other 2 mentioned games. And thats annoying, because the opponents seem to be bots.
Well... It's a game... I guess... Vtuber Baseball... Pretty much the exact meaning of cashing in on a trend... It feels extremely cheap and rushed. from really awkward models to mediocre sound quality, and lastly a bunch of freshly made Vtubers for the game. If you're here looking for some familar faces, you won't find them. Now I'm not particularly well versed in Vtubers in general, however my friends who were basically said "erm are they real? never heard or seen em before" They do exist on Twitter -now- likely due to the game lol. This is 1v1 baseball. aaand from what I saw... its purely vs AI. Bare in mind, I didn't stick around long enough. It is possible at some point it might have PvP lol. TL;DR If you really need a batting simulator would give it a go. if not, might wanna avoid.
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