Promise of Wizard
Promise of Wizard
Promise of Wizard
Promise of Wizard
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03-17 16:27
I can't register into the game
It keeps saying insert a name with 12 characters but nothing works? 😭 I tried my name in english with 6 characters, failed. I tried my name translated to japanese, it also failed. What am I doing wrong?
03-21 07:51
Welcome home?? xD
After some time of not scouting on the R tickets banner I finally did-- and guess who came home?? TT This is scary since I was literally talking to my brother about him yesterday of what he did to snow and white XD but welcome home murr 💜
02-09 22:49 Shared 1Card(s)
promise of wizard prize!
03-01 00:50 Shared 2Card(s)
02-27 23:25
02-08 16:59
A Study of Promise of Wizard - An Intricate Tale Intertwined with Light and Darkness
Promise of Wizard has been winning the heart of gamers with its sophisticated story filled with unexpected drama. Check out the appeals of this wizard-training mobile game, and explore this beautiful yet cruel world!
02-06 02:48
so im a newbie noob... and i messed up my player nameemoji does anyone know how to change it? ive tried to look for where to edit it but all i can change is my usernameemoji
02-03 17:31
game size in beginning pls?
how much size will this game take if i played new for 4 months ? :/
01-03 12:59
2022-12-07 22:49 Shared 2Card(s)
2022-12-05 18:50
I just clicked at the book and this happened 😭😭 What do i do now??😭😭😭😭
2022-12-03 14:17
help 😭😭
does anybody know what to do here??? i translated it and it said my breeding cards exceeded the limit? I dont get it though emojiemojiemoji
2022-11-27 01:47
I was just wondering before I started to play the game if it is an otome (with stories) or a RPG game? If there is a story, how much of it is in the game? Thank you!
2022-11-26 19:02
How to top-up - read all
I keep getting questions how to top-up when ur currency is different, here's howemoji; chihayafes on insta buys it for me! they're a in-game purchases helper ! also a reroll seller! Just chat them like “Can you buy ____ for me?” - “Can I buy reroll(s)?”/“is (reroll you want) available to buy?” ❗ They're trusted they have many success transaction! ❗Read this post first if you're gonna buy top-up ( ) They accept many? currency, I only know they accept; Idr, php - Payment they accept is; Paypal, gcash, ALL idr payment!emoji ————————————————————————————— You can look below if you want to see prices on idr and php in pjsekai top-up they accept other game top-up (Look below pics) - I hope this is helpfulemoji