Promise of Wizard
Promise of Wizard
Promise of Wizard
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2023-11-17 02:52
why do i have sign up again?
just installed the latest update but when i opened the game it suddenly asked me to sign up again?? what do i do help me pls i dont want to lose my account 😭😭😭
2023-11-13 23:14
01-03 21:53
hi guys , can someone explain to me like how did this game works and how to play it, i have download for several times and i just play it for the gacha and arthur 😭, please im begging, reply my notes if someone want to help me
2022-11-19 08:03
my training isn't up anymore
On wednesday, the great success continuously appeared during my training, but yesterday it didn't show up anymore. It's still in the time of great success up and trait-giving up, but my training comes back to normal training. Please helpppppp [大哭][大哭][大哭]
2023-03-21 07:51
Welcome home?? xD
After some time of not scouting on the R tickets banner I finally did-- and guess who came home?? TT This is scary since I was literally talking to my brother about him yesterday of what he did to snow and white XD but welcome home murr 💜
2022-12-03 14:17
help 😭😭
does anybody know what to do here??? i translated it and it said my breeding cards exceeded the limit? I dont get it though [大哭][大哭][大哭]
2023-06-29 13:18 Shared 4Card(s)
2023-09-06 09:23 Shared 1Card(s)
mitile, chloe, and riquet
2023-09-07 23:05 Shared 1Card(s)
2023-10-12 20:06
Lf Proseka Akito and Rui acc! (Ngf or can use a mm)
pLS I WANT AKITO AND RUI CARDS. Or if hypmic I want Ichiro...
2023-09-04 17:53
On-Screen Translaator App Suggestion
Hii I really want to play this game but when I saw the preview pictures the game is in Japanese [厲害] Internet ppl are there any good on-screen translators that doesn't need/use quotas for translation? [可憐]
2023-05-31 11:25
Help on chibi awakening pls ;o;
I hope a fellow sage can help me... So I managed to awaken a chibi even though I didn't have all the required traits (got the info from gamerch). Does that mean I don't need to have all traits to awaken a chibi? If so, what exactly influences the type of chibi you awaken? I hope someone can answer ><
2023-06-06 19:12
2023-01-03 12:59