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2021-06-12 14:52
Internal game size?
How much the internal game size now? Been stop playing for 5 months and considering to come back again.
2021-12-25 19:31
and here we are with new scammer yall take care
05-07 10:41
looking for online friends! ♡⁠
hi ! im rei, my pronouns are he/they and im looking for online friends that i want to be close to ! please interact with me ! (also blue lock and nijisanji fans hmu lol) kindly comment your discord ! (⁠☆⁠▽⁠☆⁠) games i like/play (i used to play some of them^^): hsr, genshin, pjsk, everskies, bandori, twisted wonderland, obey me, enstars, love live, minecraft, etc.
7 hour(s) ago
lf offers
Lf genshin asia baizhu/kokomi can offer 1.childe + nahida starter 2.ganyu starter 3.shenhe starter 4.kazuha + mona + cyno (inazuma unlocked)(picky for this one) 5.yae + jean + aquila favonia starter 6.hutao + primordial jade spear starter (previous owner used hacks tho so only offer if ur ok with that) All asia server
05-26 01:58
Just wanna see if there's anyone gonna 0ff3r anything interesting. mainly lf endgame since this acc is also endgame Tighnari w/Nahida and Yae Miko but mostly Tighnari that's well built and hopefully ALMOST the same amount of 5*s info: AR 59, Asia, Aether C1 Hu Tao, C1 Jean, C1 Kokomi, C2 Mona, C2 Diluc, C6 Faruzan, C5 Kaveh + All An-emo boys complete
02-25 13:36
Hi Hi!!! for Tr@d3!
Tr@dlng for any of the games added
Yesterday 19:13
hello! dym joining my discord server? ♡ It's mainly mizuki-related but feel free to chat however you like!(sw3aring not allowed obv)
05-26 08:34
looking for friend and mutuals
Hi thought I'd do this again because I just really like making new friends!! I'm eli or rio whichever is fine I play genshin, hsr, enstars, bandori, project seaki, and idolish7! you can add me on discord, Instagram or Twitter whichever is fine with me! Hope we can be friends :D
06-04 13:07
ㄴ링크는 ㅏㄹ 받는주셈기
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06-04 02:57