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05-08 21:44
Showed my games to mom
#SWQRandomThoughts I showed Azur Lane to my mom and she actually quite liked it (contrary to what I thought she would do). She said Nagato is her favorite character. I didn't know she would react so positively :) I also showed her Purrfect Tale, Idle Angels and Echocalypse, as well as Life Makeover. She loved them too emoji
06-02 23:57
05-28 00:49 Shared 1Card(s)
Vestal META
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05-27 23:50
How's your gacha fare? Apparently Bisko 2 is stronger than NJ. #アズールレーン #AzurLane #Yostar
05-27 02:55
05-27 01:27
Why Her Only?
So outta all the new skins that just dropped, her's is the only one that has somewhat of a realistic model besides the face. How? Lol
05-27 01:26
A Good Sign
On the first 10 pull, not bad emoji
05-26 19:49
Gacha stuff
got these on the 1st day.
05-20 18:16
Luck so Far
So far Ive been quite lucky in general and here and there on Event banners
+ 1
05-17 19:22
Reposting some nice art
#AzurLane Sorry about the image quality 😭
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Little Formidable
05-06 22:35
This is what I want to do to the characters of these games:
04-30 08:57
04-29 21:06