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[IMPORTANT] Please stop unauthorised sales of account
01-25 18:45
login issues via qoo App
The issues of logging via qooapp is still persisting after the last update. It has beens weeks with no update or response. As soon you click authorisation, it keeps spinning. Android and app are latest updates.
2023-09-27 15:54
★★★Photo album gift code★★★
Corridor of Destiny is giving away a photo album! Massive photo albums have all been installed (photo function location: avatar in the upper left corner - select "Photo") Now just leave a message on this post to get the photo album gift code Includes custom photo album gift box x1 (can be exchanged for one photo), random photo album gift box x1, red diamond 200 -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- How to get the gift pack code: Official QQ group 534336717. Take a screenshot of this post and leave a message in the private chat group owner to get it. Or send the screenshot to 2885406714@qq.com and you will receive a reply email with the gift code. In addition, there are many ways to obtain photo albums in the game (main line side stories, level 100 team copies, new players who sign in and log in within 7 days will receive 7 photos in 7 days) -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Photo album display
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01-11 02:50
login issues persists
been over week since the last update, but the issue via qooapp linked accounts gets stuck on the authorisation page. the spinners keep spinning forever. systems are ruuning on the latest android and qooapp acc is Google based
01-03 13:09
issues with login via qooapp since update
issues with login via qooapp since update
2023-11-24 15:34
11.24 Update
update content: 1. Added automatic battle in the abyss corridor 2. Added arena to skip combat 3. Added new skins of Beaumont and Huang SP. 4. Added new ways to obtain SP skins
2023-11-02 18:01
11.2 Update
1.Added new abyss corridor 2.Added new treasure corridor 3.Added Wishing Tree activity 4.Added new fruit party event 5.Newly added Beaumont SP skin
2023-10-17 16:02
6.8 Update
1. Added new photo album "Dynamic Lens" 2. Added new full-body dynamic effects: Olga, Freya, Misora Ruki, and Ara UR 3. Limit the maximum rebound damage to the health of the attacked character. 4. Adjust the number of daily assistances in "Multiplayer Destiny Corridor" to 2 times (friendship points doubled) 5. The "corridor" gameplay has a new automatic skip combat setting. 6. Newly added dragon bone essence-converting physical strength formula 7.Fix the name change exception 8. Customized photo album treasure chests can be quickly converted into designated fragments 9. Optimize client performance (power saving, smoothness)
2023-10-02 04:03
October gift code
tm-Qoo333 tm-Qoo444 tm-Qoo555 tm-Qoo666
2023-09-27 17:04
2023-09-25 06:21
2023-09-24 01:21
game doesn't work
2023-09-22 23:07
9.22 Update announcement
1. Added Gaiden 2. Added Gaiden achievements 3. Implemented a large number of photo albums (and some will be updated next week) 4. Added the function of setting photo album to the main interface 5. New home steward function (harvest everything with one click, plant everything with one click), unlocked at level 85 6. Newly added permanent SSS pool and permanent relic pool, with 1 free draw every day 7. Added daily "fire plan" (monthly card unlocked) 8. The normal difficulty of the multiplayer corridor has been greatly reduced, making it easier for players who don’t have time to complete it alone.
2023-09-06 11:38
September new package code
September new package code Happy gaming everyone[開心][開心][開心][開心] ---------------------- tm-Qoo123 tm-Qoo124 tm-Qoo125 tm-Qoo126 -----------------------
2023-09-22 22:21
2023-09-22 06:26
2023-09-21 11:29
2023-09-19 08:29
2023-09-17 09:43
2023-09-15 19:30
9.15 Update
1. Added photo album collection method 2. Added support character "Level Resonance" ->The lowest level among the 5 heroes in battle is the resonance level. If the substitute hero's level is lower than the resonance level, the resonance level will be used. 3. Added weekly sweeps of the evil dragon's lair 4. New drop in multiplayer corridor: photo gift box 5. The blood volume of mobs in multiplayer corridors is also recorded 6. Multiplayer corridor help friendship points are adjusted to 200.250.300 (normal difficulty nightmare) 7. Added alliance invitation to multiplayer corridor 8. Added the function of sharing props 9. Adjust the UR image of some characters (Ara, Hayate...) 10. Display character enhancement enchantment level when not equipped 11. Added photo gift box in Friendship Point Store
2023-09-11 14:44
Update Notice
1. Added multiplayer corridor gameplay (you can get friendship points by helping others) 2. Added gem bags to the friendship store 3. The effect of gems is enhanced 4. The current version of the single hero level cap is only open to level 400 5. Adjust the level display of holy objects to star level display (the effect remains the same) 6. Adjust the facial images of some heroes to increase recognition and hero personality 7. Adjust the home seed image to increase recognition