404 GAME RE:SET ProloguE | Japanese
404 GAME RE:SET ProloguE | Japanese
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2023-04-25 15:06
404 GAME RESET Gameplay - RPG Android IOS
Game: 404 GAME RE:SET Genre: RPG Gameplay and Download: https://youtu.be/5yes97S74s0 404 GAME RE:SET GAME RPG like shooting that saves a girl who fell into darkness "404 GAME RE:SET -Error Game Reset-" (Elage) Shoot down the incoming hordes and save the world! ■ Games make things crazy this world is not the real world The distorted real world of IF drawn by Yoko Taro The beautiful girl with light and darkness is the cause. They (the creatures that give the game its identity) make things go crazy One day, a player living in such a world encounters the mysterious existence "X". "The world you live in is not right." In order to regain the original world, players who know that this world has been altered by Sega, I'm about to jump into battle with Sega. A gathering of the world's leading game makers and illustrators Creative Director: Yoko Taro Character design: Yuugen Development: Sega ■ Beautiful voice actors enthusiastically perform! CV Ribbon: I'm Aizawa Outrun CV: Ai Kakuma Afterburner CV: Akari Kito CV Virtua Fighter: Fairouz Ai Fantasy Zone CV: Nichimasa Omori Lightning Sword CV: Mikako Komatsu CV Virtua Racing: Haruka Shiraishi King of the Beasts CV: Akira Sekine #7LGAMEPLAY #404GameReset #RPG #Anime #エラーゲームリセット #Kawaii #Waifu #Bishojo #Android #IOS #APK #Game #Gameplay #NewGame #NewAndroidGame #NewMobileGame #AndroidGameplay
2023-04-18 00:53
guess what?
my poor phone cant handle the game, LESSSSSGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2023-04-17 22:38