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Neural Cloud | English
Neural Cloud | English
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03-05 03:11
asking for tips
I started playing GFL neural cloud maybe last week ago, and wanted to ask for some help. Who should I build, should I save my pulls, or should I pull for someone already?
03-17 18:42
Chanzi just anniliate all enemies like it nothing
03-08 12:53
Neural Cloud Begins Carnival: Inverted Mordent Resonance Event on March 7
The Inverted Mordent resonance event is here, bringing Nascita, Puzzle, new projections, stages, and much more!
02-07 22:22 Shared 2Card(s)
02-04 23:54
Every Professor's Dream
Maximum pulls obtainable from in-game contents (currently) for some f2p curious facts. In this example it's about 350x pulls in total if you convert 1500 = 10x as exchange This included all Main Story cleared, 2000M in Exploration, and estimated 100F in Matrix, combined with other minor factors (Daily, Player's LV etc) The real numbers could be added up even more depend on your intense of gacha pulls (this one i captured by the times I pulls only total of 60x from the start, which u might take it into account if you get good team composition to basically rock the game) so if ppl find this interesting then I'll upload the new value when new major contents in NC hit. So good luck if you think you can set a Record in NC like me <3
01-16 17:42
01-04 23:56
01-04 16:55
QooApp News
01-03 18:31
2022-12-19 13:51
2022-12-19 13:45
FC after updating
anyway, before updating, i can play it normally, but after updating, somehow i can't open the game, and immediately force close T_T any solution?
2022-12-17 20:30
New update error
Since the new update I can't play the game, it just black out and exits by itself T T Anyone with the same problem with me?
2022-12-11 17:29
PNC is really good for F2P
Here's my current progress as a F2P in Neural Cloud
2022-12-08 14:52
easier than i thought