Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King | Japanese
Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King | Japanese
Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King | Japanese
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11-23 10:41
Rage Fana Summons!!!
It only took 3 multis and I got the new Rage Fana!!! Now all I need his her grimore and I'm saving until the next festival. Im so glad they made skip tickets cheap to get because I can max units out quickly in 100 tickets used.
11-07 06:26
Another Interesting Month....
The latest update to the game was saddening seeing all that summoning currency go away from certain events, and them still not making it possible to use skip tickets on more events. I hope they will make a unit that will shake up this boring pvp comps with noelle,mimosa,juilius and vangeance or rades. The games fun but it's starting to feel unrewarding to get anything in the game since one team is still dominating pvp for this many seasons. Im not gonna complain about getting new units(even though the rates are atrocious) since I get free units from getting that free key for seasonal characters awhile ago.
10-30 04:38
how can i play if im in the usa? i donwloaded it and it always brings me back to the login. do i need a vpn to change my location or soemthinf?
10-21 05:52
10-01 03:58
Free Stuff = Good Week
Well another successful week. Its nice to get free stuff. Halloween noelle and fana is obtained!!! Now i see why my character rates are so low on summoning.
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09-26 07:07
Rage Vetto/ssr rate up banner!!!
Man I can't tell if this is luck or the devs are messing with me. I did 13 multis on green vettos banner and didnt pull him, instead I pulled his grimore, then i summon 3 times on this new banner and I pull him.
09-09 22:29
09-08 20:27
Accessory Development
I need to develop an accessory for the door of encounter quest but it keeps saying insufficient equipment, is it because I dont have any of the like gold stone things? If so how do I get some?
09-07 04:19
Account Update!!!! Part 3!!
I got Charlotte from the ssr key pick, completed another month of monthly missions. And I'm close to having all the units in the game, it still sucks i couldn't pull juilius. (Also this is the team i used to beat the 15 pvp stage fight).(Also i finally got a full page of lr equipment!!!
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08-29 11:09
Juilius Banner......
Man i was hoping to pull juilius but i instead pulled 2 of his grimore instead. I wish they would of made us get the characters with the grimores instead of making us summon for both to complete the unit. It feels like a cheap way to gain more money from the tryhard players and makes it worse for f2p to compete with a incomplete unit.(And I know you can use other grimores instead of the one intended for the unit but you end up losing the bonus that grimore gives to that specific unit, which can win a fight sometimes.)
08-22 15:48
World 3 Side Stages Completed!!!
Finally beat the 3rd world annoying side stages with my maxed cc team!!! Here's my gear for them and there grimore. Also im wondering why did they lower the rewards you get from the side world stages moving onto world 4 you get 3 tickets instead of 10???
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Primeros minutos de Black Clover M - EN/Soft launch:
08-17 22:16
08-17 19:32
08-03 23:59
New Event Tips!!!
If anybody is having trouble with the new event getting through the immortality, all you need is to use a team with all 3 attributes, and attack the enemies in order of each attribute listed below there hp/speed bar.
08-12 02:28
Guild Awards!!!
Guild war awards are looking pretty good, i just wish we had a few more active members, so we can get the full lr set.