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05-01 23:44
I want to dedicate this post to Asta-chan~ Believe me, I almost dropped Honkai Star Rail early on. The first couple of minutes were meh, and we all know first impressions is important for gacha games. There's just no character that caught my attention, combat wasn't that good, and exploration was stiff (despite space station was so fun to explore and how amazingly chill the music is). And no, Stelle and March 7th doesn't pique me either. Then, March 7th said the acting head researcher is a cute and pretty girl, then I was like, meh, yeah, ok, let's get this over with.....then I saw her ...wait, waitwaitwait, she's telling the truth! She really is pretty. AND, her top notch english VA plus her personality sealed the deal. Asta immediately became a favorite of mine, and with her I decided to go further in the game. She became the backbone of my, possibly never gonna change, team of Asta-Stelle-Shushang-Hertha. And I am so so glad Asta convinced me to keep playing this game. Because it does actually get better. Lots of fun activities, better characters (Svarog and Oleg man), and wow oh wow that boss battle music, straight out of Honkai Impact APHO with a touch of Metal Gear Rising. So thank you Asta. Even though my gacha luck is so bad here, I'll keep playing just because of her~ So the moral of the story here is, when playing a gacha game, make sure you have and actually have the character you like/love. Because that will help you stay away from becoming a "stressed gem farmer". We all know, we'll either play/battle/explore to have fun and enjoy.... or to farm gems for gacha, the latter is stressful. I know this is obvious, but most of the time people kept getting swayed by new characters, that drives them to farm gems... desperately... I've been there in Genshin back then..... Ahaha sorry for the long post, I just need to say this. Thanks for reading. What about you guys/girls? Were you like me as well? Any favorites that convinced you to keep playing?
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Hsr seele
Got seele character and I mainly build crit stuff for her and currently farming relics for her and my other characters
8 minute(s) ago
Almost there~
So close yet so far. I just need 1 more. Hopefully I'll get her, running out of jades.....I was happy I got her multiple times during my first 2 ten-pulls, then Dan Heng appear twice, Silver Wolf twice and Serval twice...... But don't you worry, I believe in her, and I know Asta will come again soon. Anyway, best of luck on your pulls everyone.....watch your wallet if your not F2P....one of these days, an Asta outfit is all I want ....
05-07 10:41
looking for online friends! ♡⁠
hi ! im rei, my pronouns are he/they and im looking for online friends that i want to be close to ! please interact with me ! (also blue lock and nijisanji fans hmu lol) kindly comment your discord ! (⁠☆⁠▽⁠☆⁠) games i like/play (i used to play some of them^^): hsr, genshin, pjsk, everskies, bandori, twisted wonderland, obey me, enstars, love live, minecraft, etc.
1 hour(s) ago
Pls help me🥹🥹
So i was just done downloading the the game and was immediately greeted with this.
4 hour(s) ago
okay win my 1st 50:50
my next pull is guaranteed too. its perfect!
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05-09 17:53
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my two strongest on the team right now. builded Seele off high damage, crits. Same with Welt in Debuffing, crits and fast energy regen. #TeamWelt #TeamSeele
𝘏𝘰𝘯𝘬𝘢𝘪 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘳 𝘙𝘢𝘪𝘭 𝘜𝘱𝘥𝘢𝘵𝘦
14 hour(s) ago
Yesterday 20:18
Great game
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Yesterday 05:08
06-05 14:01
ASIA SERVER , TBL 37 Seele Jingyuan Bronya Bailu Himeko 10 Pulls saved currently IA: Genshin Asia, char+bis pls
06-05 23:27
06-05 18:01
06-05 15:05
05-26 08:34
looking for friend and mutuals
Hi thought I'd do this again because I just really like making new friends!! I'm eli or rio whichever is fine I play genshin, hsr, enstars, bandori, project seaki, and idolish7! you can add me on discord, Instagram or Twitter whichever is fine with me! Hope we can be friends :D
06-04 23:34