Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Traditional Chinese
Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Traditional Chinese
Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Traditional Chinese
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Yesterday 13:02
lf emu wedding w/ 2.5 anni len.... :> this is rank 8, really farmable!! might accept ensekai if it has ny an+rin but idk still thinking^.^
Yesterday 09:25
mlf hololive collab on bang dream or d4dj. also lf jpsekai or krsekai so i can play with my friend easier. maybe ensekai, low chance. dm on discord viewerdiscretionx for better info about this my friend gave it to me but im not very interested, so they said its ok to t this. thanks. bangdream hololive pref: aqua, fubuki, marine, chloe collabs d4dj hololive pref: pekora, aqua, fubuki
02-19 10:14
02-18 12:21
02-17 07:54
hai!! sorry, accidentally deleted this trying to edit it. im t-wording this acc for jp/krsekai or a genshin account! rank 93 with 1.5k crystals, mostly toya/rui i suppose for lvl up but lots of the girls for 4*, 3 ap (1 normal 2 hard) lots of fc. message on discord (vspiers) for amy 0ff3rs not related to this because i will pay 300-350 robux for anything im interested in! pref ngf on t! jpsekai want: colorfes 2.5 len + rin, miku and an for it are optional! 2 wish jewels at least krsekai want: val. kanade + nene, val saki and emu for it are optional! 2 wish jewels at least genshin want: gorou + diona, mona for it is optional! sorry no hairstyles unlocked on this r.93, since i was more focused on crystals because i couldnt use mv [大哭] jpsekai is my biggest want, i lost my old acc with colorfes 2.5 len, rin, miku and an lol also! if 0ff3r1ng on discord might raise to 390 robux! [厲害]
02-09 13:21
Need Friends !
Hi, Hello, I'm Cy and this is my introduction[微笑]!! — /Click more I. Name/s : Cyzarine, Xei, Ciel, Zai, Azurse II. Pronouns : they / them III. Sexuality : non-binary IV. Fandoms : Main; BSD. PJSK, DEAD PLATE, NSO, etc... V. Nationality : Filipino VI. Language : English (main), Russian, and Tagalog (slight) VII. Likes : cats, suegiku, video games, anything ube flavoured, listening to music, and reading manhwa/manga (mostly BL) [可憐] VIII. Dislikes : school, joking about my appearance, venting to me w/o asking first, spicy food, and alot more i'm too lazy to list. DNI : pedøs, prøshippers, hømøphøbic/transphøbic, racist, prøblematic peøple etc. that's all for my introduction, ty for reading[委屈] — drop your discord user in the comment section !!! , I won’t drop mine here, because I change my user almost every month [汗顏].
2023-08-08 03:10
02-13 00:20
02-08 11:18
T!!! 2 accs!
Lf genshin and hsr only! 1st acc: ensekai rank 162 and has 560 small notes
+ 1
02-08 22:17
2023-08-28 11:55
t por 4cc jp (no voy primero)
no tienen casi ni mierd4 pero ofrezc*n si quieren esta es del server coreano de nuverse.
2023-12-04 00:25
Trading my account.. its getting boring.. accept for ena / mizuki card (en or cn) kindly go first pls im afraid i might be scammed [大哭][大哭]
02-09 22:30
2023-12-19 18:43
— Hello, as what the title says, I need friends.↓ About me [ If someone actually reads all of this I'll cry ] || ◊ My Intro :• Hello, My name is Ciel I use any pronouns but I prefer to use She/They. +I'm from Philippines! • My interests are Project sekai [ I'm sorry for this but I main Ensekai cause I got bored in Jpsekai ] , Genshin [ I don't have Genshin right now cause of my storage, but I'll soon install it once I got a new phone! ], Anime, Manga/Manhwa [ BL mostly I barely read straight ones sorry, but I read Operation True Love I guess. ], BSD and vocaloid [specifically] but also Omori, Needy streamer overload and many more ( I probably forgot to add something but oh well. ) and, I often use/say : HELP, WHAT, OH, HAI, :3, POOKIE, ILYSM, a lot. and I spent more time on Arts ( Updated: Barely spending times on Arts because of school, I'm starting to get busy these days. although If our time zones is different, that's fine by me because I usually wake up every 3am It became a hobby lmao 😔) • I promise not to be dry, I'm trying to improve my social/communication skills! Its alright if we last just one day, I'm just glad to have someone to talk with me cause I have nothing to do in life LIKE NOTHING AT ALL. || Apps we can talk on: Tiktok: Cielkys Discord: Cielkys • If you don't have any of these, lemme know what other social platforms you have so we can talk :3 Also : || ◊ YOU Must (be) : O1 : Age : → Any Age (Just be mature or not doesnt really matter. I'm not matured myself anyways. 😔) O2 : Fluent in English / Able to speak & comprehend basic English.