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05-16 16:58
World Flipper JP No Longer Receives Story Updates from June 2023
World Flipper JP will no longer receive any story updates from June 2023 following the end of the main story chapter 12. Also, game updates won't be as frequent as before.
2022-09-20 11:43
beaucy came home and she brought the bullsss
2022-09-16 21:07
for those who still worries, imm pretty sure they stop censoring stuff. the stuff that was are still censored but everything else that released.
2022-08-31 10:49
World Flipper 1st Flipperversary Celebration Gives Away Free 230 Gacha Pulls!
World Flipper is celebrating its 1st anniversary with a bunch of celebrations from August 29! Login to the game to obtain 1,500 Lodestar Beads, and a free daily 10-pulls for a maximum of 230 times!
2022-06-22 17:24
2022-06-03 11:21
so i didn't play world flipper due its bs censorship for the English version but today they gave me my best girl in zombie land saga and you sold me world flipper. so now im playing again lol and .. to be fairly there some characters with really nice boobs and ass without having them in view site.
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Power Flip
2021-09-09 11:21
This gave me such high hopes. Dont get me wrong, the game itself is good, in fact, it would have been one of the best releases of the year for me, but the publisher just had to ruin everything. I dont need to sum all of thr shitty things they done, you dont have to take my word for it too. I just want to say on how dissapointed I am for this game and its future. Another good game turning into a cash grab.
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2021-10-23 23:44
i keep getting this error message and i literally dont know why because im not like using an emulator or anything. ik what it says but it helps like.. nothing at all
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2021-09-11 19:52
2021-10-15 16:09
love it
love it. never bored grinding for material