Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade
Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade
Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade
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alternative vpn options?
I was using ovpnspider but now its no longer working, is there any other vpns that work?
12-07 03:19
idk if im stupid ir sumthin but its saying my device is not compatible? even though it says android ios🗣 could someone tell me whats wrong🤝
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Rindo Saki, Kugisaki Nobara , Itadori Yuji , Yuki Kaito
11-27 14:05
Holy shit lmao 💀💀
12-04 13:02
My account Noo😭😭😭😭😭
I accidentally deleted this game once. Is there a way to recover the ID?
11-24 10:45
VPN required is very inconvenient, I wanted to play this without needing a VPN. If not, you just play with VPN and it's very dull to play 😈😈😈
11-28 08:55
12-01 12:38
Join The Discord Active Discord server with guide to install, vpn and gameplay. https://discord.com/invite/aXFBhZ3p8z posting here just to help people out.
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11-30 04:41
This thing not working
isn't there any other vpn that's works other than ovpnspider?
11-27 14:47
ovpnspider doesnt work?
tried to connect to japan server but said it needed storage permission? i went to permissions in settings but there is no such thing.. is ovpnspider just not working anymore?
11-27 18:32
Wrote a review towards OvpnSpider about granting permission that never existed
My game has been working fine up until today when it said it needed permission to use the VPN, I checked for 2 hours and I concluded it never existed. I wrote a review, then got a reply seeing they updated the app, and lo and behold it actually works again I hope for anyone experiencing the same problem as me has it fixed
11-27 13:23
Whens Reset?
dont know when daily reset happens