The Idolm@ster Shiny Colors: Song for Prism
The Idolm@ster Shiny Colors: Song for Prism
The Idolm@ster Shiny Colors: Song for Prism
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01-22 00:07
can anyone help
im having trouble trying to complete the last stage of the starter missions
02-13 17:38
2023-12-14 23:11
✿Most favorite rhythm game pull✿(*˙︶˙*)ノ
*. : 。✿ * ゚ * .: 。 ✿ * ゚ * . : 。 ✿ **. : 。✿ * ゚ * .: 。 ✿ * ゚ * .
2023-12-31 22:49
help me
it's always like this when i tried to download the data, idk if the problem is in my internet. but is this game required vpn or smtg?
2023-12-25 22:33
2023-12-16 19:55
Can anyone help me?
i keep getting the same white screen after i opened the game, no way that my device is incompatible, right ? 🥲
2023-11-16 20:23
2023-11-21 07:02
Can't link my account
When I click to link my account it turns white and stays there forever. Am I the only one having this issue? And is there a way to solve it?
2023-12-01 20:27
all of my S-SS prod as of now
I actually don't understand shit and just spam magazine lmao
2023-11-27 17:34
when will the new event start? I really want to pull for cards and tier RAHHH
2023-11-20 15:46
Friend code!
Hi guys! Please use my code here, also u can drop yours so i can put in it, so we can both get 100 crystal! Just tap this banner and paste my code : U7CLPFCR9Q76 thanks!
2023-11-23 03:58
black screen on start
my game just work perfectly fine just yesterday, recently my game just went black screen at launch. i want to reinstall it but i forgot to link the account.. what should i do, or just wait the next update of the game(?) any one have the same issue (?) no.
2023-11-20 08:19
white screen
I went through what I assume was half the tutorial and then a white screen appeared - even if i restart the game, it doesn't work... do you guys have the same problem?
2023-11-14 16:03
The Idolm@ster Shiny Colors: Song for Prism Gameplay - Rhythm Android iOS
Game: The Idolm@ster Shiny Colors: Song for Prism Genre: Rhythm Gameplay:
2023-11-21 14:09
i need help
the game has been working fine until yesterday, when i tried to enter the game but it was stuck on the title screen. I thought giving it some time, maybe until tomorrow morning would have it be working again but it still doesn't.
2023-11-18 02:40
Am i the only one experiencing extreme lagginess in this game? The game was so laggy i couldnt even play the rhythm game section. Cinderella girls isn't laggy like this yet has similar quality of graphics.
2023-11-20 21:28
full day grind for my girls 💪
I saw shinysongs first event announcement pretty late so when I got in I only had a day left to get all houkura 😱