Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Traditional Chinese
Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Traditional Chinese
Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Traditional Chinese
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03-23 05:23
lf something different
03-26 20:23
Flick Problem ensekai
i have a problem with the flicks in ensekai (may be skill issue) everytime i flick it doesnt read that i did it though everything is fine in jpsekai, i just want to know if this happens with anyone else (Kanade for attention, sorry im a bad photographeremoji)
03-04 10:38
Rui isn't my fav okay
GUESS MY FAVORITE LEVEL HARD😱😱emojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemojiemoji
03-22 13:38
Tw pjsk
It keep happening like this on muti live for 3 days now....i just wanna farm plsemoji
03-25 02:02
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03-24 13:27
please answer me
since I updated this game why its crashing? i dont want lost my account, because my rank is 77. and I have friends, the good cards. so gimme the solutions please....
Um who wants to try
So ya i have this account and im looking to get an account budget: a giftcard of 20-30USD (xbox,psn,steam,amazon,spotify,google play,apple) check my tierlist and image of paid outfits that i want (not all of them ofc its common sense) and uh ya for the account i mainly want mmj lims (not airi) or l/n lims (not shiho unless its rabbit shiho or colorfes shiho) but i look at ANYTHING if your gonna try for the giftcard please NOTE that i dont have the giftcard yet but will get it on the weekend, if i say yes please tell me which type you would like ALSO not looking for ensekai unless it has a bunch of the lims that i want (that are on ensekai) or paid fits If i say yes please note we will complete the switch in a popular discord server
03-19 20:03
03-19 20:02
03-18 17:08
lf jpdori 200k+ / high rank reroll Low chance for other games
03-18 10:25
03-17 17:17
Hampter art
Kohane because I love this card of her
03-14 18:48
AAA pls excuse my bad english idk even know what im saying here💀so i tried to make an acc on this chinese pj sekai but i cant. i tried to sign up with my google and facebook account but it keeps saying failed bla bla and shit. and i cant even downlaod jepanese and english ver on my would be more easier if j can downlaod the eng version...i dont want to lose all my card..
03-15 12:47