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This is a japanese game, you will probably need to know atleast some hirigana because there is alot of speech, it takes a while to actually get into the gameplay but not too much, the main character we play as is very likeable, and the game overall is a really good fighting game. Character designs were awesome, no flaws in them to comment about really. Super likeable characters. Controls were easy, i play on mobile its just your basic joystick so its easy to get the hang of the conrols. Feels like there needs ro be more language selection but other than that all good. Sound and music really was brill, fit the atmostphere very well depending on where you were. Gameplay was good, you get to move around and do some fighting which is easy at first. The game is mostly storyline, which was very interesting and would reccommend for anyone that likes some good storyline. Not to mention, had a very good background selection. For example, inside buildings were very fitting. Overall, if you were to download this game you might need to learn some hirigana first but you can probably find where your going without reading. Reccommend to anyone that likes story and fighting games.
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